H1N1, Swine Flu in Malaysia!!!

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As everyone knows, the H1N1 had invaded our country on the 13rd of May by a student who returned from the United States . As far as I know, this is a very deadly virus as it can be transfer through human contacts. So guys, remembered to be careful and keep your hands clean at all times especially during meals.

On the good note, the virus is not transmitted through pork product consumptions. Yeah! No massive pig massacre.

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  1. hahahhaa, that pig is very cute!!

    yaa..everyone gotta take care..hmmm~

    Reply: edited:
    True indeed.. Lucky my family is currently okay in Sarawak..

  2. The pig very cute and fat XD
    btw PIG ( malay hate them )
    everyone gotta take care
    especially don go airport now …

    I gonna fly in two months 😐
    Btw, our Malay friends don’t hate them..
    They are just not allowed to consume pork products. That’s all

  3. Nice here.. love ur blog very much… i wonder my blog header is created by u~~~

    Hahaha thank you 🙂

    Actually there are some bloggers out there.. have their banner designed by me. Its easy to notice.

  4. WOw i really like your drawing style! do you draw on paper and scan it to your computer, or do you draw on your com. if so, which program do you use?

    I draw on my com directly..
    I’m using Adobe fireworks

  5. Outbreak of 2nd case!!!
    *Getting worried*
    On August, i’m tinking to go KL. How ler?
    Hopefully, this flu doesn’t spread rampantly.

    Hmm I’m going KL in another 2 weeks. LOL

    As long as you take care of your hygiene and contacts. It will be fine.
    Not that its transmit in the air.

  6. my my love your blogging style xD been following this page for awhile and its totally awesome xD keep up and yeah the random thingy pig really funny xD

    Hahaha thank you ^^
    Just suddenly thought of drawing that

  7. OMG..That pork is talking in Malay!!

    Its a pig 😀 not a pork yet..
    No wrong right?
    Hehehe I didn’t do it on purpose as I usually speaks in all 3 languages mixed together.

  8. yea…..many states hv tis case ady….huh~
    so worry as my hometown in Perlis also hv case dy.
    I also not so sure…..

    Gosh.. I think we need to start to be careful d..

  9. hahaha, a stupid pig masuk campur tangan pula…..kaypo!

    XD but pig is cute…wondering who you refer to as that pig….”rolling eyes”

    Hahaha no one..
    as it is a swine virus.. so I just have this feeling to draw him in the comic strip.

  10. Doesn’t mean coming to KL or any of the places report will affect you in getting H1N1. All suspected people are already admitted into the hospital or put on quarantine. If coming to KL will be the reason you catch H1N1, should all Kl-ians leave KL right now?

    If you’re saying that KL, Perlis, Penang is unsafe. FYI, Sarawak has victims being quarantine too

    I wondered whether does this comment is addressing me or not?

    If it is, I do not mean that.
    Thank you.

  11. LOL! I wonder why pigs always transmit virus strains 😛 I should work out more so won’t look like a pig *haha* otherwise later get JE or H1N1 LOL

    In my cat opinion, maybe pigs are not well kept in a clean environment.
    And the swine flu is a pig flu like our flu, its normal for a living thing to get sick.

  12. hey miao is vampire ar? noticed he have vampire tooth when he screamed….

    anyway, i wanna tumpang scream XD

    He was once the Miaocula 😀
    if you remembered hahaha

  13. i nv heard WHO said it came from pigs.

    Ehh don’t know ler..
    Maybe I misread the info from the newspaper and from the net. ><

  14. Miao Miao.. it’s not a good news that Malaysia is in the list already.. anyway, people, please be more careful 🙂

    Piggy is cute! Hope to see more animals next time.. (how bout rabbit / bear bear/ puppy/ ….)

  15. Omaigawrsh randomness pig! Lol. XDDDD

    Uh, I think the H1N1 is a result of a mutation (of the viral envelope) that occurred when the virus was in a pig.

    Omaigawrsh I’m being a nerd!

  16. OMG.. such a panik city issue oso you can make it look farnee!! there’s nothing miao cant do lar… lol

    and i wana do it too…



  17. yawor~~ scare scare leh..we gotta b more b more careful leh~~ Let’s pray together that God will surely protect us from any deseases and sickness^^

  18. actually i dont think the virus is “very” deadly, although deaths have certainly been reported. i noticed that it just hit malaysia when i saw it on FluCount.org – wonder how it made it over there!

  19. lol.. i always enjoyed ur drawing… so kawaii
    and i have a good laugh with it sometimes…~

    yeah kinda scary… and Penang have 1 case too @@”‘ omg so near to me…

  20. lol..
    the randomness make me lol hard.. haha..
    scare h1n1.. i coming kl.. n to miri soon.. hav to wear glove everywhere.. 😛

    Remembered don’t touch your mouth and nose before you wash them 🙂

  21. its a bird flu that came to infect pigs now its called the pig flu gugugugu.. but coz it infects humans now why isnt it called the human flu? geh always the elitist these humans!

    today i rode a bus and this girl keeps sneezing the whole bus was like O_O ahaha XD you take care too!

    What to do, Humans are like that.

    Thanks, You too 🙂

  22. hahaha..funny la the jerit part! Hi! Been reading your blog since last week and already a fan. so cute! I think you know my friend, Jason Oh from mmu right…

    Haha just saw his photo in your blog..

  23. the pig very mengada.

    was in Cameron Highlands for company trip when the news broke out, everyone was like.. haih.when we go back KL hv to extra careful.

    “less ppl come out, less sales, less wages.”
    LOL thats what my boss said.

    Hahaha I thought it was the economic that people come out less

  24. Yeah! We gotta take care of ourselves. Actually I’m quite worried. There are some pig farms here in Malacca. Hopefully it won’t spread. Anyway your comic is really cool ler! 😀

    Hmm..its transfer between humans..

    so I think the pigs will be safe..

  25. I found your blog on google and read a few of your other posts. I just added you to my Google News Reader. Keep up the good work. Look forward to reading more from you in the future.

    Woahhh thanks for dropping by and read my posts ^^
    really appreciate them

  26. lol. we sell camera, so if less ppl come out to buy [rather sit at home ie H1N1 germ free] ,
    so ma less camera sold, less commission lor. haha

    and if this continues in a long run, our basic also get affected


    I see I see..
    Sales really hard to do with the economic and the current virus issue

  27. hukhuk…i am on quarantine for 7 days as i was exposed from swine flu from my friend just came back from philipines. they just took my nasal swab today…hukhuk hope it just normal flu…for reminder to everyone.. it’s better for you guy to get flu vaccination. at least you have protection. it is availabe in hospital and some clinics.

  28. hukhukkk..i am on quarantine for 7 days as i was exposed from swine flu from my firend just came back from philipines..they just took my nasal swab today.. hope it’s just a normal flu. for reminder to everyone.. it’s better to get flu vacination and it’s available in the hospital and clinics.

  29. For all your informations (I think everyone knows it)

    Ya..Its nothing to do with the pigs..

  30. the use of face masks and boosting your immune system by taking lots of vitamin-C is still an effective way of preventing the spread of the Swine Flu virus.

    I see I see.. will take note as I’m going to travel soon

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