Ulcer is like a Period.

Jian Akiraceo Rant 55 Comments

Swt, I having an ulcer again. Its just like period, visiting me every months making me moody and I can’t even eat anything I like as it will just hurt like no tomorrow. Somemore, the ulcer is just right above my wisdom tooh making me tears in pain whenever I try to drink water or even speak. Swt..

Comments 55

  1. Miao, you r experiencing recurring ulcer.

    I have the exact same problem too.

    I have spent alot of RM to figure out the reason.

    I suggest you to gaggle with warm salt water, it helps to relieve pain and improvement the healing of the ulcer.

    Of cos there are some other medicine which can help too.

    If u wanna noe more, maybe u can email me.

  2. hi Miao!
    I also have mouth ulcers and i don’t like putting salt on them! >.< The pain makes me cry.
    So last time i visit dentist, she suggest i use Dexaltine. Its like Bonjela but better. Its not painful too (which i like).
    Maybe you can try?
    Its available in pharmacy too.

    oh okay

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