A day with Wafu

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For some reasons that I don’t know, Wafu really likes to bite me a lot. Whenever my hand/fingers went in the tank, he sure aim for it and rush over to bite it. Even if I gave him food/seeds, he will rather bite my fingers instead of the seeds.

That’s why I kinda dislike him for this, but due to the fact he’s smaller size than Pafu, I tends to give him extra seeds and food.

But then I prefer to play with Pafu at the same time dislike him too when he bullies Wafu. Gosh I hate them and love them at the same time.. @@. This is complicated.

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  1. you hear malay song ka?
    i dedicate to you faizal tahir song – bencinta. haha.
    love + hate for wafu n pafu.

    Hahaha I do I do ^^
    I will check it out from youtube

  2. poor wafu & pafu – animal abuse…wakakaka
    hamsters love to bite fingers – next time get them fish fingers to eat πŸ˜›

    Hahaha cannot lar, they don’t eat fish πŸ˜›

  3. Naughty wafu. Cane him lar…hehe
    at least it’s better than u fling it to a corner.

    What an adorable pets u own. =D

    Wahh cane him ar?
    Don’t want ler.. I’m so sayang them

  4. HAHAHAHA… cute. Thanks! You brighten me up when I’m having the worst time. =)

    Hahaha welcome ^^
    Happy that I can cheer you up

  5. hello again, fellow artist.

    i just found out you’re from kch and a friend of robin wong. not sure if u’re aware but i’m from miri btw πŸ™‚

    Hi there ^^. I knew you last time when Robin intro me your site.
    I was really amazed of your artworks too ^^.

    Hahaha robin told me bout it ^^ He wanted to meet you for so long too.

  6. hehehe…. frm yr story, i choose to love wafu πŸ™‚ cute and naughty. Just get my little black oscar dead bully by the red big oscar. Black commit succide, jump from the aquarium.

    Omg! that’s sad πŸ™
    I just hope they two won’t fight and will live happily together πŸ™

  7. Love them or hate them, you live with them as a family. LOLx I thought a dog chasing you. Mana tahu it’s your own hammie πŸ˜› haha

    They are my only family here.. πŸ™‚
    Accompany me through the hard times, the boring times, the happy times.. ^^

  8. im already dizzy with the hamster names haha… who likes to bite you again?

    god if i got bit by a hamster sure id get hamsterphobia and yet you still put your hand in to give them food lol animal lover XD

    Hahahaha Wafu as in Wild-full.. the hamsters with hairs..

  9. RAWR!!!!

    that remind me of my sis’s pup…he wont bite anybody but only me…=.= when i wanna pat on his head, he sure wanna bite my hand…but my sis or bro pat on his head, he become more spoiled and manja…!

    LOL you did something bad to him before izzit? πŸ˜›

  10. OMG, Wafu should be pening2 lalat after that crashed..
    Wonder where he get the spirit to kejar Miao~

    look closely at Wafu eyes at all the scenes..
    Really cute..hahahaha~

    Hahahaha I also wondered XD
    He never seems tired to bite me

  11. Hahaha thats love bites from Wafu to show you how much he loves you! BTW mind to reveal how you get them the name wafu & Pafu ???

    Hahaha sure thing..

    Wafu = Wild-full
    Pafu = Phat-Ful = Fat-full

    Lame I know πŸ˜›

  12. wear 牙ε₯—for it =X

    or let it wear the thing that dogs wear to avoid bite those thing one ~

    Hahaha hard to get a mouth cover for such a small hamster

  13. luckily wafu didnt turn into ghost and chase yo instead!!lol…:)

    Hahaha then it will be terrible… as I can’t swing a ghost away @@

  14. any particular reason naming them wafu pafu? interesting name ^^

    Wafu = Wild-Full
    Pafu = Phat-Full = Fat-Full

    πŸ˜› What a reason

  15. im in love with ur pets!!!!
    btw i love all ur cartoons.
    it’s make my day =)

    Hahaha thank you ^^
    Gosh my pets are getting alot of fansees

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