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Woah Nuffnang is organizing a party again!! Wohooo! This time with the collaboration with Tiger, they are organizing a party with the theme, StandOut. Its all about being different and standing out in the crowd.

Here’s a description of the party taken from the site.

Be a standout in the party and show us what’s unique! Come as a million dollar princess, a snowman, a milk bottle, clown or whatever you can think is unique and is your style. If you do stand out enough, you’ll be rewarded significantly during the party!!

About the Event

Most of us are too cautious of what others think of us and we tend to go along with the bandwagon in our lives. We blend in with the society because we do not wish to be perceived as different, fearing being an outcast. Most of us aren’t aware that leaders and successful individuals are who they are because they’re different. They’re unique. They’re Standouts!

Thus, it is important for all of us to realize that we shouldn’t be confined to doing only what others are doing. We should all be standouts in life if we’re to fully utilize our potential to do the things we are capable of in our lives. Nuffnang and Tiger has come together to create a moment where everyone is encouraged to standout in life. Welcome to Standout ­ With Tiger & Nuffnang Party, where everyone is outstanding in their own ways.

Contest Prizes First 100 bloggers who write in for the contest will win themselves a pair of invites to the Standout – With Tiger & Nuffnang Party. 25 most creative entries will be listed as Tiger Top 25 Standout Blogger and will be given a space in the microsite at www.nuffnang.com.my/standout which will display their handprint and link to their respective blog URLs. From the 25 most creative entries, the best creative entry will win a HP Notebook worth RM2,399. From the 25 most creative entries, the most eccentric entry will win a mystery prize that will be disclosed during the party. 5 Nintendo DS Lite worth RM600 each will also be given out randomly to 5 bloggers whose blog posts were embedded with the Standout image.


But after a long long long thinking, I eventually came up with this Standout Strip that makes me a Standout. :D.

Hahaha… I think being Standout doesn’t need to be extraordinary. Just be what you are or do what you like without thinking the consequences. Once you pull it off, you’re standout XD LOL. It’s a Miao’s theory. Blek!

Some weird stuffs standouts I did:

Anyway, people Standouts this June and join me at the..

I might be there as a Tiger Cat.

P/S: Anyone, know where can I get a pair of cat ears or a plushies maker? Hahahaha

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  1. Lol those are some pretty weird things you do.

    But at least it makes you stand out. XD

    Hahaha I’m not really standout ^^..
    just weird

  2. Jika mesej yg hendak diketengahkan sampai kepada semua pembaca blog ini, anda memang MENYERLAH walaupun hanya melalui sebuah lukisan komik =D

    Hahaha thank you ^^
    I ada masalah dengan penulisan..dan bahasa

  3. LOL. You can sew the cat’s ears urself. just need a hairband, a glue-gun or uhu glue, and some flannel cloth. Cheap cheap nice nice 😀

    Hahaha if I can make a plushie of WafuPafu and Miao.. XD then it will be lagi better

  4. STANDOUT! Miao, just go in your “miao” suit and you will be the most outstanding guy. Perhaps you need to be outstanding and crazy like me 😛

    Hahaha Honestly I think I will just lay low and sit in a corner XD

  5. wah sounds kewl….maybe you can buy from japan since japan is famous with its cosplaying…. XD

    you can rob cat’s ears from plush and attach onto hairband…

    Hahaha if i only can get one ear headband that can moves as I please.. then it will be kewl to the max hahahaha XD

    rob a cat’s ear? O.o

  6. hahaha.. of coz u’re standout.
    ur blog shows it all = D

    btw, by any chances.. do u noe how much to repair vaio laptop screen? i’ve cracked mine yesterday.. n now am reaing ur blog wif half of my screen.. isk.. isk..

    and can i get one day repair? worst.. i’ve lost warranty card..

    Omg! that’s awful.. I’m not sure but I think it wont be cheap ><

  7. nice advertorial…haha…can’t imagine how many weird things you have done…what about maxis laptop screen that you used as your mousepad?? That is considered as standout too….*i think*…haha…

    Hehe actually I’m not satisfy with it xD. should make something more interesting ^^”. Nvm, first time ma 😛

    Hmm.. I think there’s quite a number of them.. but I can’t remembered XD..

  8. BBQ fruits? Gona have to try that some day. 😛 But miao has a cat AND Hamsters? Waahhhh. xD

    Miao had cats, dogs before.. but now only hamsters.. 😀

    Later the fruits melt how XD

    I wanted to join the event but underage… how T__T

    Hahaha they don’t XD

    Actually some of my Kuching friends also BBQ fruits too..
    Its nice.. ^^

  10. u really eat cake with chili sauce? -.-”

    I did back then XD
    I think I try eat a watermelon with a chili sauce before too.. or it was my friend … hmmm

  11. Cake with chili sauce?
    U’re really a standout one.
    One thing that stand u out is ur drawing is outstanding!!!

    Hehehe its not that outstanding really ^^

  12. You walk…your cat… ? o_o
    But man, your comic is good. Is there a voting system for Nuffnang? I gonna vote for you man 😀

    Hahaha yeah..
    without the neck strap of coz..
    My cat follow me around when I walk around the neighborhood XD

    I brought him to climb trees etc XD and even rush home together when the rain started to pour..

  13. I almost forgot u owez sleep in front of lecturer ady…hahaha…very geng 1…ady famous

    tired ma sleep lor.. better than fishing there.. 😛

  14. buy online lalala quite cheap lah if you search… or sew it yourself ;p

    and…… you eat cake with chili sos???

    I thinking of making a plushy miao XD

    Yup.. it was a dare game

  15. Hahaha! XD Too cute! In that case, I stand for 2 things. 1) I adore gays. 2) I like men who look like girls rather than manly men. Kekeke~

    Hahaha how about trans

  16. I have a friend who ties his cats up but have his dog running around in his compound. Your weird standout moment reminds me of him. lol.

    You can add another one too when you ate your hamsters food. lol.

    Actually I’m different 😀
    I don’t tied my cats or even caged them.. XD They are meant to be free to walk about.

    The illustrations is just to illustrate I’m walking them.. that’s why there’s a walking strap on the cat. ^^

  17. Have fun at the party! Though I love to meet you but I am not able to join the party as it is in June =(

    Hehe Im not going though XD
    Takde kaki takde money XD wahahaha it rhymes

    June? why?

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  19. i’m a new reader of ur blog. noe ur blog thru kennysia. ur miao is reallie kawaii~ hahah.. hope to c more of ur posts~ =D

    Woahh welcome welcome ^^

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