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  1. ahaha……. i figured you didt give the money back because the waitress misunderstand eh

    I didn’t gave back as the chicken in the restaurant was actually cold and bloody too..

  2. Hahaha…
    Should be right thing at right time…
    If they think their chicken is no problem, they won’t react so fast de… Sure got something they’re hiding from customer lo…

    Hehe the chicken wasn’t fully cooked that day.. a little bit pinkish which brought up the chat between my colleagues and me about the chicken i ate last time which is worse than this.

  3. which restaurant is that? so nice 1… i never see before any restaurant willing to rebate any 1 cent to the food not probably cooked in kl

    Its in Melaka.. a quite well-known restaurant. 😀

  4. Wowho…what friendly restaurant^^ worth to revisit

    Yeah.. planning to visit it every Thursday from now on. 😀
    Cheap food, restaurant food and air-conditioned. 😀

  5. wuah marketing strategy! XD kekekekekek..

    u diss them, they still very nice to u..keng oh XD

    Hahaha they practiced the Customer always right rule 😀

  6. wah, not bad o tat restaurant. didnt giv u black face but giv u rebate coupon somemore

    Hahaha yalor.. I was surprised myself..
    First time got rebate 1 XD

  7. wah…so pandai one…maybe next time i should try your tactic and purposely said bad things in front of the waitress…hehe:P

    Hahaha make sure the food is with you..
    in case they do bad things in it

  8. wah miao!~
    which restaurant is tat? at wher? many ppl oso asked d same question =P
    after my finals im coming back to melaka to try tat place and give a shot myself XDDD

    Melaka Baru’s Dragon Treasure Restaurant.. the one near the old Public bank.

  9. Hmm maybe this restaurant juz open afraid you’ll spread bad news! That waitress muz be one of d boss ler…

    The restaurant is there for a very long time d. ^^

  10. so u din give back the money?? so kesian la them

    No wor..
    my colleauge ask me keep it as the chicken was actually not well cooked and pinkish too

  11. lolz…you & your friend must be talk it very loud ? how come they can listen it & give you for rebate, nice la..hahah

    The waitress came to my side and collect my dish that time when I’m talking..

  12. lol. i wish i make this kinda of silly mistakes too. ;p

    Hahaha This is the result of the people who doesn’t think when he talks…..which is me T___T

  13. Wah. Then next time keep saying that 😛 then no need to work jkjk

    Hahaha i think the restaurant will banned me first XD

  14. wow rebate JUST LIKE THAT?
    the waitress didnt defend ar..
    lol where’s the restaurant?
    i wanna go there and do the same.. haha =D

    Apparently their chicken have problem 😛
    Its in Melaka Baru, near the old Public Bank.

  15. wah!! u so heng(lucky) ar??! Like that I must kay kay(pretend) complain when i go restaurant next time LOL

    HAha I think not all restaurant will bother about the complaints..

  16. I want try it next time. Hahaha! Why you got so many funny things happen in your life de? XD

    Hahaaha I also dunno ..
    Maybe I’m silly enough XD

  17. Wow, that is nice. You say the wrong thing at the right time. lol.

    Share your posts at:

    Hahaha good timing XD

  18. my cousin once, tell my friend

    “dont order chic rice for dinner, coz their food is from morning until now..not fresh”

    guess what, the chic rice seller is just behind us, with my friend’s food.


    Hahahaha this really pwn! XD

  19. wah, so good. so im going to try this trick on every restaurant i visit!
    but i wondering if i sit at KFC there and say: WEI YOUR CHICKEN IS SUCKS… they will gimmi rebate ka?

    KFC? I doubt they will

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