Party Hamsters!!!

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I dunno its because of the coming 2 days of Freedom Music Festival or my hamsters are going crazy. They being very very noisy lately making a lot of noises. Squeaking all night long as if they are having their own little concert in their tank.

Actually I have no problem with them partying or anything but




they two are partying when I’m sleeping!! ( What to do..They are noctural animals).

Its hard to get a good nice sleep and dreams these two days..



By the way, anyone going to the Freedom Music Festival? It looks it gonna be a blast.. XD

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  1. wakaka…did wafu & pafu grit things at night?coz sometimes my hamsters really like to grit their cage(esp at night)…dunno bout jamming though..LOL

    Hahaha they just making Squeaky sounds.
    Robos don’t like to grit/chew. 😀 except my fingers LOL

  2. Hmm *curious* I think it’s because they’re doing ehem ehem. That’s why xD
    Just coincidence it’s time for the festival.
    Gratz for new baby hamster 8D

    Hahaha Sorry to said that you’re mistaken.
    Coz they are both male.
    I do practice breeding control. 🙂

  3. yaya.. way to go WafuPafu.. drive ur owner NUTS!!! LOL

    Really Nuts…
    Was scolding them over the night XD hahaha

    The Blues + they partying.. @@

  4. Muahahahhahha~~ cute la your hamsters!!
    hmm..i m not going to the concert o, cz it holds in, who are you goin with??

    Hahaha I’m not going either XD Just asking out of curiosity 😛

  5. rock on! i will ask your hammies to kept rocking until u become insomnia d… XD

    Please don’t~~
    I will be working like a zombie if I can’t sleep well

  6. Hahaha no choice ler your Wafu & Pafu are party kaki ma!! Hehe you gotta use earplug la!

    Maybe let them sleep outside the room wakakaa

  7. LOL your hamsters :X

    Hmms, I’ve never heard about the festival o__o Where will it be held?

    It will be held at the A’famosa resort this weekend 😀

  8. Awhhh cute!! >.< naughty they were partying while you were sleeping. And fishie cap on your hat…LOL…

    HAhaha i like the fishy cap 😀

  9. if you say its squeaky sounds though… they should be running on their wheel? try oiling their wheel. 😛 I use to get annoyed by my old hamsters too, so much that I moved them to the store room when I go to sleep, or I’ll look like a zombie the next day. T-T

    Nope.. not the wheel..
    Its they two making the sound.

  10. post. how u do the animated gif? it is very smooth. i tried once but not that smooth?

    Its not that smooth actually ^^”
    Just i make it fast so won’t notice its kinda stiff

  11. My cousins have a white mouse (instead of hamsters) back at my grandmama’s place. During my first few nights there, I was disturbed from my sleep by a sound from the middle of the night. Damn scared. Thought know..something not clean? lol!

    Only I found out later that it was the mouse. It was playing with the wheel in the middle of the night -_-

    Get him a silent wheel XD and that will do it

  12. Gahaaahahaha!! XD (rolls over laughing) damn funny lah those two! But it kinda fits! One of them already has a rocker-ish hairstyle wat! ^0^ Hahaha.

    Reply: hahah yalor XD

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