Buddha has Anger, so do Miao.

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Today, I was so grumpy for unknown reason and this call came in. With all those requests and inquiries but never did give me the chance to answer them. Whenever I was given the time to say anything, I was interrupted and it really pisses me off.RAWR!

In the end,  the cat unleashed his darker side and voice up his meowing, slam the phone and followed by a foul word which eventually draws all the colleagues’ attentions.

Feeling embarrassed for scolding with foul words in front of the office and at the same time guilty for rising up my voice. @@

p/s: Good thing its Friday already 😀

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  1. i have when ppl deos dat. interrupting b4 finish answering.

    but wow. u actually curse dat loud. XD

    One of my manager actually cursed like no tomorrow over the phone but I think I’m the only engineer who cursed there XD

    Lucky only 4-5 people were in the office that day..

  2. if you pickup a phone like this again in future, i suggest u put down the phone and let the person do the talking as much as he like…and just answer them “yes”, “har”, “i see” every 1-2 minit to show him you still on the phone…

    Next time I will let the person talk all she wants wahahaha

  3. walao~~ really annoying lo those interruption!! nez time dun bother them~~ these are stupiak ppl ler..sm mr sot sot 1~

    Hahaha its my job.. cant ignore them also

  4. sometimes miao need to ROAR!
    it’s ok to ROAR at the right time..
    but i’m not sure in your case is the right place.. haha
    it’s to show that ‘air yang tenang jangan di sangka tak de buaya’..

    Hahahha anytime in the office is not a good time XD

  5. chill out bro! have some kit kat!
    I teach you one evil plan. Next time, put the phone call on answering machine mode! LOLx!

    Hahaha the crappy phone does not have that mode

  6. I know it’s very annoying .__. Sometimes I feel like saying, “Can you shut up for a while and listen to me?” ^__^

    Chill (: ROARRR!

    Next time I will wait till she ask me to talk XD

  7. Haha… It’s a normal respond for ur anger to erupt.
    That person too syok sendiri to talk. Ask her talk to the wall next time. Haha…

    Still its not good to erupt in the office… they say.

    Sigh.. I wonder why we need to pretend 🙁

  8. Hey this is real ya know. My friend’s boss can scold them badly in front of many customers some more. Haiz, I dislike those people too. Cakap banyak but don’t give chance one

    😐 This 1 lagi chiak lak..
    Like that the customers won’t lose faith to the company meh?

  9. haha i feel sorry for you…. scolded someone, someone are too scared to talk to you….hahaha

    last time, i often get angry when it comes to small matter… but after playing a very long RPG’s game, it has a good effect on my anger management…I wont get angry unless its extremely SERIOUS matter… 😀

    Hahaha i didn’t scold… I just voiced up.

    RPG eh? Hahaha sometimes I get pissed off when the people in games or the game itself bully me hahaha

  10. I hate it when people keep interrupting me when I’m speaking. So rude.

    I will learned to talk less 🙂
    A way to avoid any conflict

  11. hahaha.. this is funny. ehmmm… my ex colleague is like that too. what i do is just replying her en, en en. ask her whether she finish what she wan to say then only explain. hahahah

    Ex colleague? What did you done to her? 😛

  12. 哈哈,佛都有火。
    I tend to interrupt when ppl talking too. Bad habit… But sometimes just cant control @@

    Hahaha everyone does sometimes. ^^”

  13. I would do that too if I really really can’t tahan.
    But won’t do in office la ;p

    Sometimes my feelings just take over my mind and I couldn’t think correctly.

  14. dun get mad, calm down… or else white hair will grow more and more… we wouldn’t want our miao to have white hair, right?

    Hehehe too late, miao has a lot of white hairs XD ever since he’s a child

  15. HAHAHAHAHA… This is the time when you should say

    “Excuse me, can you please let me speak? This is a TWO-WAY conversation! If you want to talk non-stop, talk to yourself la!”


    Hahaha next time I will just keep quiet XD throughout the “confession” since its a 1-way conversation

  16. I had a bad week too, or shall I say bad luck for few weeks already ? 🙁

    Everyday has something in the office.. so suck!!! @$$$#%^@%T##$#!#

    Same here.. having a bad week 🙁
    Hope your week will be better starting tomorrow

  17. i know wat foul words u said.

    Kucing MEOWing!! [mother f*cking]


    Kuching = Pussy = C*B**
    LOL..just kidding..
    I just “sending regards to mother”

  18. LOL. usually if ppl do tht. i js keep quiet n let them say watever first then i continue

    I would need to learn to do that.

  19. yes finally is friday !!!!!!!!!!!

    have a nice weekend miao

    Yeah it was quite a relaxing weekend..
    Too bad its too short 🙁

  20. Cool down cool down! Relaxzz~~~ Hahaha your colleague must jump from their seat first time they see their cute cat become tiger ha ? 😛 I used to deal with these annoying bratz so I juz let them babble and I juz ans them ya ya and ya.

    Recently, I can’t relax myself and I don’t know why..
    Hahaha they didn’t.. all keep quiet and looked at me with a shock

  21. got throw in some cat clawings on the table or not…?


    Hahahha no lar.. later i need to pay for the damage ler if i did that XD

  22. yeah friday hurray.. public holiday some more in Sarawak and Sabah…

    Hurray hurray!!!

    RAWR!!!!!! How great will it be if I’m in Kuching hahaha

  23. yea true…i dun like people keep interupting when we trying to explain to them…haihz…~*

    Apparently, explanations is not what they are seeking. They want output and answers.

  24. Wah cool down cool down, later this blog got burned !!! *fire extinguisher standing by

    Hahahaha its a sea themed 😀 so no worries

  25. haha…a piss off meow is like a tiger. U just need to acknowledge their grouses. Cos every worker has their stress, they just need to release it somewhere. After that will be alrite. Too bad ur the receiving end though LOL. cool drawings btw 🙂

    True indeed, everyone have their own tensions and stresses.

  26. i dunno what to say..Must be a bad day for you eh ? haha..in fact MAY SUCKS !!! RAWR !!!!!!!!!

    sorry la..i had many bad days in May already..that’s y !! haha.

    curse once awhile is ok la.Don’t keep it a habit.bahaha

    Wahh.. nevermind, its finally ended ^^.

    The promising June is coming~~
    Month of the Revenge, the Revenge of the Decepticons, Months of Transfomers!!!

    Hope your June will be better

  27. Haha. Friday already, so no need to worry lah. But dang~! That must’ve sucked. XD Hahaha. Though if filmed, it’d be VERY~ entertaining. Hahahah!

    Hahaha my colleagues just asked me to get used to those calls.

  28. Mr Miao =)

    Dun worry…. I swear every 2 days… when your boss expect you to do 3 persons work, meaning Payroll, Admin and HR, and you don’t get compensated for it… you learn to fight back…

    I was a very kind and quiet person when I start… NOW… I’m Miss Bitch (in my opinion) anyway =)

    Work changes people even our Green Kaeru XD

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