Changing my Hairstyle.

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The other day, I had this feeling of changing how my hairstyle without going for a haircut. So I decided to change the way I set it. Instead of setting my hair from the left to the right, I change the way around by setting it from the right to the left. πŸ˜€

And when I reached my office, no one actually noticed it. All of them know there’s something different but they have no idea what’s the changes are. Hehehe…

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  1. Haha,I tried doing the same thing when I was a…cos I hate cutting my hair. Miao should trim his mustache instead..hehe..

    Hahaha speaking of mustache. I shaved them all away πŸ™
    Thought of having them but before I succeed, I quit in the middle of the way.

  2. HAHA ya lo ur hair was too long eh hehe

    Haven’t exceed my longest hair record yet πŸ˜›
    But too bad… there’re rules in the company

  3. same here, i really think i need a haircut now. too long, too panas, looks too dull. i need new style *penuh harapan*

    i love going to hair salon. b4 going i have lotsa idea in my head, this and that, but sampai salon, i bcome blank and end up with the same hairstyle…adoi..

    btw, i know u’r not celebrating, but….HAPPY GAWAI frm Kuching…. *meowwww*

    HAPPY GAWAIIII!!! 3 days or 4 days of holiday ar? I can’t remember..
    I hvn’t been celebrating it for almost 6-7 years d

  4. haha.. i usually 5 – 6 months before getting haircut… i am lack of fashion sense..jsut going on with my usual self… XD a lame guy nia! =P

    why not getting your whisker longer and your fur gempak!

    I will be get a warning from the HR department hahaha

  5. i suggest u to cut botak…
    everyone and the WHOLE WORLD will noticed that!
    then people will starting to ask u whats serious thing happended to you…. like you break with your GF or something like that….
    cos i tried that b4!
    Wakaka… so fun!

    Noooo its my precious~~~ T_T

  6. lol keep it longer den can become rock star! perhaps you can stand out in the upcoming stand out event! lol!

    Hahaha for long hairs we always have Yatz XD

    Somemore its not allow to have long hairs in the company for the guys πŸ™

  7. Haha… Agree with Eros & Joshua. Go ‘botak’ it. Last time, my friend did that and the whole school was like “OMG!, What happened to him?”. U’ll get lotsa attention. Haha…

    Hahaha attention is what I would not want in person πŸ™‚

  8. I need a haircut too. I’ve been saying that for the past month already. hur hur hur

    Hahaha don’t say.. and straight go to the saloon tomorrow πŸ˜›

  9. haha…so many ppl ask u to cut botak…then a furry cat became a ‘fur-less’ cat…HAHA!!
    btw,now i understand why guys always cut their hair as i cut short my hair like now.=( too bad

    I will be a botak cat LOL… don’t want.

    Yeah I saw it. Its really short for a girl ^^”

  10. ε‰ͺζŽ‰ε€΄ε‘οΌε‰ͺζŽ‰ηƒ¦ζΌγ€‚
    Cut botak?

    Hahahaha everyone asking me to cut botak~~
    *Sob* why.. ?

    Wait i got it, you all want me to get rid of my worries? *touched and tears*
    Thank you~~

  11. Me wan a haircut too! >.< My fringe is annoyingly covered my sight. But I’m so scared to have a haircut because I don’t trust the barbers!! Sometime they make me “surprises” that I don’t want =( Plus,KL haircut price is so expensive compare to my hometown eh.

    Hahaha then you can try ask them to stick with the hairstyle and remove all the fringes only.
    There are some in KL are quite reasonable. πŸ™‚

  12. Just scroll up and read the comments. Haha, cut botak and sell it for fashion designer just like the 101 doggie thingy bla bla eh? haha..then there will be miao fur and save lotsa near to extinct animals.

    LOL yalor a lot of them asked me to go for botak~
    Why?? πŸ™

  13. Long hair guy quite cute if you know to style it! Anyway think throughly what style you want ar.. Later cut dy don’t regret wo!!

    Hahahaha but its hard to style alone.. @@
    Sometimes I let my stylist do all the thinking XD

  14. hahaha… just get a hair cut instead of changing de hair style urself la… hahaha

    Cut cost πŸ˜›
    Haircut are so expensive

  15. Eh Miao’s hair is like that 1 meh? Shouldn’t it be like Lao Fu Zi’s Da Fan Shu’s 3 stick up 1 meh? πŸ˜›

    Wahhh *touch wood* I’m still young ler~ hahaha

  16. im getting my haircut tonight, my hairstylist do door to door service πŸ™‚

    erm, mayb u can try getting some botak yet not too botak hair like Justin Timberlake.

    No want!!

  17. go to the most expensive saloon and ask for a new hairstlye…maybe they’ll give u a surprise…;)

    Hahaha give me surprise with the bill πŸ˜›

  18. Hahahahaa! XD Too cute! At least you’re trying in subtle ways right? Girls usually go DRASTICALLY and some times the change just simple… suck max. >.>

    Still, if the drawings are anything like how they really look, yes, I prefer the new setting mor.e ^p^

    Sometimes its more obvious to see the amount of the money spent on hairs than the actual changes on the hair for girls. XD

  19. [Sound effect:heavy footsteps]
    An Indian guy with thick-misai walks towards a chair,pull out an electric hair clipper.
    [Sound effect:zap,BBBzzzzzzzzzz!!!]
    Result:Sideburn-less with spider pattern on top.


    Spider pattern O.o

  20. Get a wig * day one -rockstar style two-wolverine

    Hahahaha wigs are not cheap either XD

  21. adui~ i really feel “cold” at the last dialog lol!! i m sure u feel the same rite?? hehhee..

    Cold? Hmm no lor.. I understands why she said that as my hair was covering partial of my face.

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