A Surprise Haircut

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From what I see, haircut artist bears a big responsibility. As one could either boosts up the confidence in one person with a great haircut or make the person lost all the confidence with a single haircut that the person doesn’t like.

As in the case, I doesn’t really like it at all. Having short haircut is also one of the rarest thing for me to do. Although I had short haircuts before but those are once in a blue moon thingies and usually I went prepared with a big courage, mental preparation and also beer. LOL (joking on the beer part)

This time I really wasn’t prepared at all, 0 preparation. And seriously, I never thought that the stylist will actually cut my hair until so short. He removed the hairs from all 4 sides, it seems like the level of shortness between us are different.

After the haircut, the first thing came to my mind is to get a hat but I couldn’t find the hat i want after going through a few shopping mall leaving me no choice to stick to the haircut.

It had been ages since I have sunlight striking on my face and eyes. It feels kinda good in some way. But then I still need to get used to the feeling of exposing more of my face as I feel so naked. Hahahaha

Updated with a photo of myself :

The other side of my head looks the same with this side.

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  1. I also want short hair lorr but Im a girl cannot woh
    Post la your pic I bet girls will fall in love with u haha

    Can 1..
    just you might look like more boyish.. with a shorter hair hehe
    wahh no lor.. i rather put wafupafu’s photo XD

  2. lolx feel naked?
    put up the pic la with ner hair style

    muz be so leng la u jian gege

    Yeah.. its something I’m not used to ^^”
    have to wait til I have a photo shot of myself

  3. come-come. post it up. post on facebook also can. 😀

    Hahaha speaking of facebook.. I just noticed I have 0 photos of myself there lol

  4. please post your photo with your new haircut…haha

    u drew your haircut like a punk hair style…

    Hahaha it depends on how I set it..
    I can turn into a nerd look also 😀

  5. happens to me also recently =P
    accidentally cut too short and my hair looks sooooo flat at the top part end up looking like guile from SF games xD

    but after my hair grows for a week, it looks nice =D

    Hahaha now I just to wait another week and see too ^^

  6. Hahaha this was a funny post ! My colleague thought I’m crazy when I lol while reading this!
    Hey show us your pic before and after the haircut la! Sure very leng chai wan hehehe….:P

    I didn’t took any photos before the haircut eh..

  7. everyone wants to see the real miao in short hair haha!

    yells: PIC PLZZZ *shows +1 pity face* LOL

    Yealo.. hahaha
    wait I see take a photo first 😛

  8. LOL. c. u get urself a JT hair. kekez..

    and pls upload ur pic la

    JT hair? Justin timberlake?
    Hahaha my hair is not as short as that

  9. Wa,short short like tentera?This style always make me like “Ugh,sunlight,no~~!!!ugh,don’t~!”*Struggle under the sun*,pple will look at me like I’m a walking donut.

    Yaya.. I looked like going for the army XD

  10. aiyoh~ bro, u gotta take ur real pic and show us ma..hehehhee..it’s better to show us so that we knw whether it’s good on u or not ler..

    Let it be a mystery wahahahaha 😛

  11. It’s the latest trend now….*maybe*…haha…you should snatch the scissors from the hairstylist and cut the bunch of hair out from him…just to revenge…hehe:P

    Hmm can’t.. because my hair is exactly the same as his wahahahahaha

  12. leng cai d lor sum1~
    i had tat sort of cuts too sumtimes, from keepin long hair cut short til skool length, alot of ppl will notice but in a gd way, ur head feels lighter too no?

    Hmm my school length is long wahahahah
    ya it do feels lighter and its also the weird part of it haha

  13. Short hair is good wat! Ha 😀 Yeah! I agree with the others. Why don’t you post your photo?

    I just happened to post the photo hehehe

  14. ahaha… next time dun say dunno to your hair stylist XD

    i wanna see piccuu~

    but isnt it fun being as daring once in awhile n_n

    I was hoping he will give me some surprise..
    and he really did XD

  15. Short hair better bah….i love short hair as it’s more cooling and not itchy sometimes…and more tidy

    Hahaha Short hair is always not my thing XD

  16. oh, finally get a hair cut. aiya.. u r boy ma… short also nvm. if gal’s hair too short then -_- very man jor.. haha

    I looked like a kid with short hair ><

  17. Haha,as I predicted, surprise huh? Ah….if so why don’t just make it botak, more sunlight to the scalp, vitamin D is healthy what. 😀 And botak save cost because you need to wait it to grow long and now even got botak “art” in trend. (Did I get the answers you want for you previous post question? LOL)

    What if it doesnt grow back..
    omg~~~ T_T

  18. i <3 short hair! i cnt stand guys with long hair for some reason. LOL. and u can save money for at least a month!!!

    Hahahaha my long is not that long also hehehe

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  20. Hey… is it just me or did you just get a ‘Xiah Junsu’ styled hair cut? o.O

    (pssst… from Dong Bang Shin Ki / Tohoshinki / TVXQ)

    Really? LOL I have no idea hahaha
    I don’t really follow up with Korean celebrities..

  21. Eh, your hair… DAMN STYLISH LEH!! VERY YING CHAI!! PHEEWITTT!! Confirm make u more leng chai… Although you censor… can still imagine.. ahaha… seriously… recommend la where the hair saloon… damn good leh…

    Well thank you. I looked younger some how

  22. Hahahahaha

    Isn’t this the Bosco Wong hairstyle from Wars of In-Laws II?

    It looks good…. Not as bad as you think =)

    If you didn’t mentioned I also didn’t notice hehe

  23. Erpz.. You can consider a wig instead of hat? hahaha. One that covers your face all over again.. ((:

    Wig is expensive 😛

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