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  1. miao,sumthing wrong wif ur template jz nw when i 1st came in 2day

    This template is killing me..RAWR
    You have problem viewing with IE?

    I’m so gonna change a new template this days..>.<

  2. lol ur going to be Miaozilla ah~?”RAWR~~~”
    Dun eat me~!

    Hahahaha I’m not πŸ˜›
    Going as Modzilla instead lol XD the firefox Jk JK

  3. MNN sounds homophone to M&M. Haha…
    Btw, catwoman is ur relative? lol…

    Hahahaha I just noticed.. XD
    You mean the batman’s Catwoman? Nope.. she’s a human ..I”m a cat lol

  4. hi miao, im a new reader of yours, i think that your blog is unique yet creative and entertaining as well.
    i’ll continue support your blog… it is incredebly awesome haha!!!

    Woahhh welcome welcome ^^
    Hahaha its not that great actually but then really thanks for reading and supporting my posts ^^ appreciate it

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