Wafu Visiting the Vet

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Hahaha… The Vet himself was very afraid of Wafu. He tried to grab him and plucked some fur samples from him but Wafu was prepared for it and trying to bite him in return.

Now only I know that a Vet can be afraid of certain animals too. LOL okay maybe just Wafu. The vet even asked me how to handle him. LOL

In the end, the Vet said it might be a fungus infection due to the humid environment etc and gave me a skin cream to apply on Wafu’s naked butt.




So here’s a photo of Wafu under quarantined for a few minutes after his medication to avoid Pafu from licking the skin cream.

When I told my colleagues I sent my hamster to the Vet, they were all very surprised. I thought when someone sick, we are supposed to send them to the hospital/clinic/medication center or at least take some medications, am I wrong? Hmmm…

One thing I can’t stand it is when people said they will just let them on its on and let God/Fate decide on them instead.

Hmm… for me, a pet is not a toy, its a life, and its a part of the family. I think I’m the only animal lover in the office.

Where’s the love in this world? I can’t feel it. T_T

P/S: For my colleagues who are reading this, I’m just voicing my thoughts. No offence ya 🙂 Peace out~

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  1. i have actually never heard of hamster seeing a vet. so i am surprised.

    Hahaha it wasn’t my first time sending my hamsters to the Vet.

    If google can helps, I might seek google help first but sometimes when things get serious, its better to seek for pros. hehehe

    Though I think Vet are not well trained with rodents.. as they are focused mostly on feline or canine.

  2. Omg wafu so cute. “Woof woof!” Did you end up holding Wafu’s head so that he doesn’t bite while the vet took a sample? Animals natural defense system is awesome, but gives us headache sometimes. 😛

    I hold his body in my hand exposing some fur out.. for the Vet to get sample

  3. Dropping by again, and hey I’m a animal lover too. Glad that Wafu went to the vet. He’s recovering right?
    I have 2 pet dogs back at my hometown and its been months I’ve seen them since the start of my new semester studies…miss them so much ><”

    Good thing the fur dropping stopped ..

    You sure miss them a lot.

  4. thats very nice of u jian
    u make me proud
    animals are alive too.. they are meant to be take care off..jian u did a great job…im happy that there is someone like me too… people like us i believe is becoming extinct in the face of the earth..

    huhu…wheres the love guys?

    Well thank you..

  5. LOL~ I have actually heard of people sending fishes to vet as well. Really, don’t ask me how the doctor even treat them.

    I have a dog. So i bring him to check up often. HAHA~ Somehow pets seem to be very afraid of vets.

    Fish have liquid medicine.. some fish even goes for operations..

  6. Aww~ I want a hamster that acts like a dog. 🙂

    I had to take my hamster, Teddy, to the vet a week ago. He’s been escaping from the top of his cage, and because he fell, he developed a bruise on his belly. Not the blue-blackish bruise, but the deep maroon red bruise. Then because of that pain, he widens his back legs and now when he walks, he walks like a frog. The vet gave him medicine, and good thing it’s cherry-flavored, or else he will never drink it! 😛

    Omg hope he gets well soon..

  7. get well soon wafu! lol! miao, go get him a mohawk trim on his fur! that will be the coolest patch of hair on a hammie 😛

    He will gets cold like that

  8. Yeah, what’s wrong with sending pets to the vet. They also need to live, we take care of them, feed and make em healthy like normal human also XD

    Anyways, hope wafu recover furr soon XD

    Ya hope he gets well soon..

  9. hahaha Woof Woof! A dog or a hamster! Oww cuteee!! You’re so kind! My mom lost her beloved puppy few years back coz he accidentally run out when the gate was open. My mom cried for a week!

    I know how that feels… the same goes to my cat when he didn’t came back 1 day

  10. Just wondering, R u a vegetarian? Since you are an animal lover. And I am proud to be 1. Cuz thats what I called animal lover. ^^ If you are not 1, I am really hope you will be 1, and to those who call themselves animal lover. =)

    Afraid that I’m not.
    As a part of the food chain, I still take meat.
    It seems our view of animal lover is different

  11. i would do the same too ^^ u’re right, they’re our pets, and it is our responsibility to ensure they’re well taken care of!

    I ever encountered one owner who throw his hamster with its cage in the car porch and went away. My sister took it back and keep it but it dies some time after it

  12. definitely agree. Any pet, doesnt matter a hamster or a dog entitled a vet care. However i wonder whether Malaysian Veterinarian was trained to handle hamster?

    I think not all are trained.

  13. hi5! i think the same too, animals are living thing why not treat the same as humans? tho they CAN stand things more harder than humans but they are still living things
    aww poor wafu =3

    Apparently, some humans thought themselves as more superior and others life doesn’t really mean anything to them

  14. what’s so strange about bringing a hamster to the vet? I always bring mine. My last hamster got really really sick once. He had cancer and was pretty old. But thanks to the meds he lived on for a few more weeks before passing away in his sleep.

    I see I see.
    Passing away in his sleep is good.

  15. im scared of hamsters too! =/ my friend once threw a hamster to me and scared the hell outta me!

    Why would her/him throw a hamster?

  16. Of cos send them to the vet! Why not? =______= Make me pissed off when people think it is just a small matter! Even my pups slightly seem not happy/ active I already fetch the vet for them and it turned out they are sick! Neway, haha. Wafu bites won’t harm, why need to scare? *woof back* XD

    Ya, it makes me mad too when they sound as if animal are meaningless

    I also not sure.
    I think the vet has fear of bites.

  17. “….said they will just let them on its on and let God/Fate decide on them instead.”

    Unless they do own a pet, it is pretty usual / common for them to say that statement…

    Ya, they don’t keep pets.

  18. So, u got this hamster “jai” la is it.. 🙂

    How much u are getting it?

    Its a gift from a friend.
    Its actually two hamsters. One is Wafu and the other one is Pafu.

  19. the friend threw hammie at me coz she wanted to prank me..and she did successfully -_- she should be thankful that i didnt slap her hammie to death

    I see I see. Really lucky you didn’t smacked it.

  20. I too send my hammies to the vet and it can get quite costy… but everyone tells me “no need la, waste money…”

    Like (o_0″)… I love all my ham hams. They do not understand why am I willing to pay $80+ for an animal costing $10 to live 2 yrs avrg.

    Nice to see someone loving animals even the small ones… 😀

    They are lives after all.. Lives are meant to be cherish and care no matter how tiny winy they are right? 🙂

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  22. Hi, can I please know which vet you bring your hamster to? My friend accidentally stepped on my hamster and it needs urgent medical attention. Thx.

    There’s one vet near Batu Berendam Petronas.
    It’s located at the road from Batu Berendam to MMU, the road with the graveyard. Sorry that I couldn’t remember the road’s name.

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