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It had been almost three days since our Pafu passed away and I’m still missing him.

Now, the room is kinda quiet without him around. Wafu didn’t came out and played much either. He spent most of his timeΒ  in the tunnel where Pafu used to sleep. Hope he will be okay soon.

By the way, I saw the comments you guys left and read all of them. I didn’t know there are so many people who love and care about Pafu. A thousand thanks to all those who sent their condolences. Thank you very much. I really appreciate them.

For some that asked me about the source of Pafu’s death, actually I have no idea. I did not sent him over to be dissected by the Vet as I want him to be a whole. All I know is it was something internal as there are no external wound on him. The only thing I could thought of is something like a heartattack. To be safe, I cleaned the whole hamster tank after the inciddent.

For the information, I would not get another hamster and Pafu is not replacatable. Its better not to introduce a new hamster to the family either, as Wafu might fight with it, futhermore WafuPafu were given to me as a gift (more like an adoption) by a friend.

And this blog will still remained as Miao & WafuPafu and always will.

(P/S: Sorry about my grammar )

(P/S: The conversation between me and Wafu did not took place, but the bitting part is real. I let him bite as there are no one else for him to play with.)

Comments 53

  1. Yo! welcome back on track! By the way, you do have lotsa time to draw eh? Mind if i ask what software do u use ah? hehe..I want to learn from u! Sifu Sifu..

    Hmm..not that I have lots of time. Just that I spent most of my time drawing instead.
    I’m using Adobe Fireworks for my stuffs.

  2. hmmm~~ sad sad to hear that pafu has passed away~ please cheer up ya! u have done ur best to take good care of them!! no worry, b happie k! will always support u!!

    Well thank you. Hope Wafu will be good

  3. Yo miao and wafu! Wah you sacrifice yourself to keep wafu occupied πŸ˜› Really a kind and whole-hearted owner. Keep up the good work. But don’t let it bite you until I need to send you over to vet. LOLx. So yeah enjoy yourself with Wafu yah!

    He’s not playing much tho. Either hidding insde the tunnel of sitting at the entrance there.

  4. I guess Wafu’s wondering where his playmate is? Aww poor Wafu. Maio self-sacrificed to keep Wafu happy and occupied! Such a sweet owner. xD But don’t let Wafu overdo it ya? After we’ll be the ones needing to send you to the human vet. πŸ˜›

    I think so.. good thing he started to play for a while..
    Tho its kinda lonely for him..

  5. Hi..dont be sad! You still have us! wakakakak~ abit “yuk ma”..

    Carry on the good works!! You can do it!! GAMBATEH!!!

    Well thank you

  6. hi miao,
    how are u now? hope u will get to the old u, the cheerful one. i believe that Pafu know that u love him & he will be sad to see u sad…chia yo..:)

    Hopefully yea..
    Get back with my silly posts..

  7. Awwww… that so sweet of you to let Wafu bite you.

    Hope Pafu is smilling from up the heaven to see you two are getting very well along πŸ™‚

    He’s my only hamster left…
    I do hope so too..

  8. T_T this is so sad man but then again life goes on uuu…

    rest in peace pafu…

    May him rest in peace

  9. i can understand how u feel…
    da same went when my doggie past way few years back…house is so lonely without her barks…

    hopefully wafu will get over it very soon! n u too..jia you! πŸ˜‰

    Ya he started to come out and play d

  10. So when are you going to get a new hamster ? Any idea of what are u going to name your new hamster?
    Lafu ? Bafu ? Kafu ? Tafu ? Rafu ? Mafu ?!!

    Anyhoo, Take k !!!

    Not sure.. yet

  11. dun worry. hamster bite is normal. i used to have hamsters last time, they bit me so much till they give up and no longer bite.

    Lol.. my Wafu jz gave up a while ago jz nw..
    before he run around and bite again

  12. i had a pair of hamster.. and one it tend to climb up high and jump.!! its like suicide mission..!! then.. it past away.. hurmm.. do you think Pafu also commited suicide..??!! Jeng3…

    That’s sad.
    I hope not.

  13. *pat pat* don’t worry miao, everything will be fine again. Wafu will get over it eventually and so will you. we’ll all miss Pafu.

    πŸ™‚ Thank you..
    He will be happy with so many people missing him. :’)

  14. ngawwsss you poor baby =[
    we’ll always remember pafu!
    hes in a good happy place with other hamsters
    (: think of in a good way
    hope you cheer up too

    xoxo Mishelle

    Thank you~
    My doggie and Meowie will accompany him up there.

  15. Hi Miao…

    Sorry about Pafu….you are right..he is in better place now with MORE bigger nuts to munch on(like the one in Ice Age2)..He is happy now.. and of course also want you and Wafu to be happy too..

    Are you sure that you don’t want to introduce another companion for Wafu. That lil fella must be missing a companion to play around with and also no partner in crime to annoy you in the night liao…. anyway, just a caring thought.

    Take care ya.

    I’m not sure. I will see how. πŸ™
    Tough decision

  16. Miao, I’m sorry for your loss. Pafu looked like he was a great hamster to have around.

    Maybe in your comics, Pafu can return as a little spirit (or ghost?) that acts like your conscience, and tlel you what he thinks is right or wrong. πŸ˜›

    Be well. You still have Wafu around.

    You have the same thought as mine.

  17. glad u r on track back! dont worry, pafu will be watching u and wafu…pafu is not dead in ur heart and mind, rite? so bear it as if like pafu is always at your side…you can accomplish anything impossible… XD

    Yup, he is so alive in my heart~ πŸ™‚

  18. Oww you such a kind owner.. I’m touched *sobz sobz* I felt Wafu will feel lonely maybe some other times you should bring in a new family for Wafu… Stay happy ok!

    Not sure should I let him be or get a friend for him..

  19. Sorry for your loss. Aspecially as that hamster is central to this blog. Pafu will be missed. Cheers!

    Thank you~~
    Ya he is one of the central of this blog πŸ™

  20. ur sweet to bury him. wat type of hamster u rare? pure winter white (ww) or dwarf? dwarf mostly bite. winter white are more tame. dwarf is prone to diabetes. as long as u keep them clean with gud food, dwarf or ww can age up to 2 yrs. u kenot keep same sex adults into same cage. they will fight. i need to observe if keep a male n female together. if no fight often, then is ok. put female into male cage n not male into female. its nice to see them mate. also nice to see the mother give birth n care her offsprings. do not cross breed. means use other species.

    Its a Roborovski, wildest of all. Robo are more sociable than the rest of the hamster species. I don’t do breeding as I’m not experienced in this.

    but thanks for the information ^^
    Really glad to meet another pet lover

  21. Glad to know that you’re back on track now and still going strong. Wafu and Pafu is/was very lucky to have an owner like you. :3

    Well thank you~
    Need to continue what we 3 do best.. that is being silly lol

  22. awww… ur hamsters are lucky to have someone like u πŸ˜‰

    πŸ™ I think there are better person out there for them..
    anyway, I would try my best

  23. you’re a great owner. =)
    I’m sure Pafu left with a smile ^o^

    I’m not really that great..
    I do hope he did left with a smile.

  24. Ah Miao,

    I’m so sorry about your pet Pafu…

    I have not check your blog for almost 2 weeks~~~~

    And did not expect to see such a sad news…

    You have been a great owner… I love reading about you and Wafu Pafu….

    To tell you not to be sad is very silly… I’m still sad about the death of my 2 rabbits even till this day (they died more than 10 years ago)

    Like you I buried them…. T T

    Be strong =(

    Yes it is sad.. especially when you buried them..
    There are times when I thought I heard him.. and thought he came back to life.. πŸ™

  25. Welcome back! =D i like the part where wafu bite. haha.
    Sifu, u using Adobe Fireworks huh?

    I’m not a Sifu ^^”
    But yes I’m using Fireworks πŸ˜›

  26. wah… can see that you really like ur pet… so noble.

    I am so afraid of those rats in my lab that they will bite me but you are willing to sacrifice urself hahaha…

  27. Hi, Im a friend of Aka & moli. Im sorry about Pafu, sure its sad but life goes on and welcome back on track. Your blog is awesome and I hope you dont mind I link it to my side.

    Thank you and welcome~
    Sure thing I don’t mind at all.. Thanks too

  28. can i suggest…? let pafu be in ur comic strip…as a ghost or angel… order to keep pafu a symbolic memorial… just a offence ya… πŸ™‚

    We have the same thoughts..

  29. from its fur, pafu doesnt looks like a Roborovski but a winter white or dwarf. u sure ur not being cheated? Roborovski is actually more smaller size. more active too.

    Nope. Its a Robo with its signature eyebrow, size and activeness.

  30. seriously can feel how sad u r…dun sad d narhx…life circle lai…cheer up !^^

    Yo coco. I will sent to you tonight.. sorry for the wait

  31. woot..I feel your pain T___T…cute lil hamster pafu is. sigh. Fate. But take care k? you’ll have all your supporters who supports you thru thick and thin =)

    pafu may be gone, but he’s with you somewhere πŸ˜‰

    Stay strong..*hugs*

  32. Aww… that’s really sweet. I hope the two of you will feel better soon. A loss is never recovered, but memories are never forgetten either right? ^-^

    True indeed true indeed

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