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  1. aha…izzit the chair problem or her attitude?…

    Neither as we can’t judge her attitude by the way she sits.
    Maybe she prefer to sit like that.

  2. Not everyone is perfect anyway. But if i see a cute girl sit like this, i will also give WTH (what the hell look) too.

    Its O.o as she has this gentle polite look.

  3. lol. Never judge a book by its cover. Another heart-breaking hint, a lot of beautiful women are homosexuals too! haha… Not only attitude problem. =/

    I was just shock from the way she sat. I don’t mind people sit like that (as I sit like that sometimes too) but its contracting with her more gentle look.

  4. stuff girls, thats why you go for guys 🙂


    thats why the quote
    never judge a book by its cover is handy =P

    xoxo mishelle

    Hahaha i didn’t judge the book. I was just looking at the cover.

  5. eh eh, is it just me? I can’t see the images T__T Firefox and Opera aren’t displaying the images..

    Reply:I had the same problem this afternoon.. strange ><

  6. xD we can never judge a book by its cover~

    Ya we certainly should do that but then I’m not judging her..
    It just the way she sit is different from how the polite feeling she gave me.

  7. LOL. if i were u i would have shocked too! btw, i was able to see the images just now, but after i refreshed the page. everything seems gone. O.O

    Gosh >< My site is going apart @@

  8. Gosh, luckily I don’t sit like that, otherwise other guys’ heart would ‘ ping piang’ too 😀 LOL

    Its okay to sit like that.. its just that she happened to give me a shock.

  9. i cant see the cartoon :(…….tried a few times and reloading and starting the website at different still cannot…….why har? :(….i m using musangapi (firefox) 🙂

    Gosh what happened >< I have no problem here.. weird goshh.. I really need to change my coding asap.. sorry for the inconvenience.

  10. that’s y ppl always said..never judge a book by its cover..mayb next time u try to look at those not pretty one…haha:D

    maybe next time i try look at guys XD
    just kidding hehe

  11. The face is so funny 🙂
    learned new expression today!

    Learning expression LOL..
    Let you know a secret. I usually make faces when i draw an expression lol

  12. I sit like that too … only at home in my pjs though lol! 😀

    I sit like that too sometimes XD
    Sometimes even worst…

  13. Hahahaha….thats so funny. But cant judge her from the way she sit la.

    I didn’t judge anything.. I was just saying the way she sits is contradicting to the looks she has.

  14. sure she is spoiled by her family until she become like that…. otherwise she will look like a gentle shining geisha! XD

    Hahaha cannot say she’s spoiled from sitting like that.
    *Koff koff* as sometimes i sit like too 😛 blerk!

  15. erm, i think it’s just me, but i don’t understand what’s wrong with her seating way? is it because she cross her legs? or that she lean her hand on the back of the chair? i’ve seen plenty of girls who sit that way, because it’s quite casual especially when around friends.

    Hmm.. I was trying to express the contradicting between her polite cute look and a more relax sitting style of her shocked me.

    There are nothing wrong with sitting like that.

  16. Haha too be honest I don’t sit like that but my leg I put like her la when I sit.. Wonder how I get used to it on the first place.. But I always try to remind myself put my leg down 😛 Hahaha nvm I’m not a cute girl so won’t attract people to notice hehe.. 😀

    hahaha I don’t have a good seating pattern too.
    I like to lean back and straighten both my legs XD. Its relaxing ma. 😛

  17. Yeah, I think I understand how that must’ve felt. It’s like watching a royal prince digging his nose in public or something, right?

    And to those commenters, stop judging if you don’t get it.

    Sort of. Trying to express the contradicting between two things.

    Its okay. An illustration can lead to a lot of ideas bu in my case, my drawing too bad d.. >< couldn't express well enough.

  18. hahaha…

    now a day most of the girl dun really care about their own behavior when they go out…

    I saw many of the girls worst than that…

    Last time I saw a very pretty girl who has a sweet smile walk pass me, but then when I wish to get know with her, right before I approach her, she start to speak Alien Language “&%#$@#@*#&@%” (Like Hongkong Gangster Movie….)

    You mean foul languages?

    Gosh I think I need to look at my behavior too..
    I have a habit of doing things as if I’m at home lol

  19. er… i still don’t understand why miao heartbroken ? because the way she sits ? so miao prefer an elegant girl? is that right? 😛

    Hmm i think I should remove the heart hahaha..
    Its like his first expression of her pecah. since they are contradicting to each other, her style and her look.

    Honestly, Miao doesn’t really prefer any , he’s quite random.

  20. hahahaha poor miao shocked. anyway i’ve seen worst… =.= and they are in a group. all sit like gangster not leg cross but widely open like the tauke in a kopi tiam. somemore some of them shake their leg like the money want to fell out of their pocket already lol. but they are talking girls stuffs like what looks good on them… what makeup/facial products should they use… bla bla bla XD ahahahaha. very hard to ignore =p

  21. Now got a lot of pretty and nice looking gals that don’t take care of their sitting posture in public. Even seen some that are so pretty but they smoke, what a disappointment…

    I think everyone should take care of their sitting posture in public regardless of how they look.
    I in the other hand sit very cincai also XD

  22. is dat a ciggy in her mouth??

    Hahaha I think I forgot to color the mouth, and now everyone thinks its a cigar XD

  23. hahaha… thats really funny. Have to admit that guys always have this funny image of how pretty gal should be soft spoken and well conduct. I’ve personally met quite a few nasty gal but with Miss Universe face before.

    Hahaha its in the male gene to have that image.

  24. Never judge a book by its cover after all. ^p^ I know that the gentliest looking girls can be the most tomboy / gangsterish / strongest girls around (mostly my gangmates) Heheh~

    Anything is possible in this world hahaha

  25. omg, i sit like tat too…
    cute gal cannot sit tat way?? =.=|||

    There are no rules saying cannot 🙂

  26. haha ~!!!
    i thouGht what ~!!
    i thouGht you wanna say She is a HE~!!!
    haha ~!
    “HER” hair too lonG cover her boobs dy so you can’t see clearly ~!
    then when “SHE” sit down you just notice SHE is a HE~!!
    me so stupid! >.<

    Hahaha no lar… XD
    but then I ever misunderstood as a girl before during my long hair period XD LOL

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