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  1. haha! I guess the same thing happens when it comes to appreciating people too.

    Happy Father’s Day!

    Yeah, that’s the hidden message I’m trying to tell to 🙂
    Happy Father’s Day to you too

  2. LOL, in the computer got calculator also. *points the hp also got calculator leh XD kekekekeke

    Ya I know but I prefer to use a normal calculator more hehehe..

  3. Lol the windows itself got calculator application le!!
    btw happy father day!!

    Hahaha I know ^^
    But a normal calculator is better to use.

  4. Sometimes it’s like that. There was once I lost my hp and was deperately looking for. I looked high n low but it was no where to be found. I gave up, feeling sad n dejected… In the end… It was actually sitting in my trouser’s pocket the whole time.

    Hahahaha same case here.. there’s one time I looking high and low for a spec but i was wearing it all the time. XD

  5. Window got calculator lar xD
    unless u need a scientific calculator xD

    I know XD but a normal calculator beats a window calculator in terms of comfortable XD LOL

  6. yo Miao you’ve forgotten the natural-born calculator in ur brain lol…
    actually Google also can do simple calculations if you need. 😀

    Hahaha there are too many things need to add up and cheapskate brain couldn’t support it XD hahaha

  7. miao, i oso like that ler. i have that kind of situation especially with my scientific calculator, handphone and car keys. search high and low, turning things upside down, cursing, scold anyone around me for not helping…..but in the end, the thing that i wanted is just in front of my eyes/on the table/in my one of the pocket of my handbag or shorts.

    witch is tua oredi…

    Wahh scold people around you some more O.o

  8. haha yeah me too !! this situation always happen to me (im an accountant) lol

    happy fathers day ! 🙂

    Hahaha.. wah somemore you’re an accountant XD

  9. same goes for me here…i am short-term mind absent… 🙁 i just put on somewhere after 5 seconds, i will forget where i place my stuffs.. 🙁

    Five man!!! Same too..
    I have a bad memory for almost anything.. Lol

  10. lol…happy father’s day at the bottom of your post??
    Happy father’s day to every fathers in the world!!!:D

    Ya.. XD hahaha
    I miss my dad~ sob sob

  11. Haha… Sometimes I have such scenario too, my mom tends to say ‘Guai zee ngam’ (ghost covers up our eyes).

    Happy D-Day. It’s Dad’s Day actually. =)

    Gosh something is covering my eyes? O.o!!

  12. haha…im liddat ALL da time too
    search high and low for something, and when i don’t need it anymore, it’s miraculously appears sitting peacefully next to me…gek sei

    Hahaha seems like everyone had the same situation too

  13. HAHA! that reminds me,there were times I was looking for my remote control-LIKE HELL..And it was already on my hand!

    Hahaha I can imagine that XD
    I did that before hahaha

  14. Miao….

    Your strip make me laughed..what a way to brightens up my Monday..

    Guess what….. I was looking high and low for my handphone last Thursday…did all other things like (tracing my footstep), (shouting at my colleagues asking them to check their desks)… then later came back to my desk and … (almost heart attack) … found my mobile next to my mouse… hahaha….

    THANK YOU…. (Standing up, bow 90 degree) (clap clap clap)… hahahahah…

    Hahah its not really so good..
    but thanks for liking it ^^

    seems like our situations are similar.. but yours more jiaklak hahaha

  15. It happened to me ALL the time lol! I guess human beings can be very reckless at times 😀

    Ya.. people can be very reckless and careless sometimes ^^

  16. hahahh i have this situation a lot too.

    one of my funniest situation is that i was looking for a plyer, after spending 15 minutes looking around me. i realize that i’m holding it all the time!!!! T__T i know it sounds weird but it really happend.

    Wahahaha this is funny XD LOL..

  17. ah…my case is, i keep pushing my ‘spec'(got used to wear spec)when i wearing lens…=.=” like jay chow’s hand code…:D

    Hahaha seems like it had became a habit of yours

  18. Hahaha.. that happens to me quite often too! Today i lost my pen in the office, i searched here and there but still couldn’t find… where’s my pen? It didn’t turn up anymore… =(

    It didn’t turn up anymore O.o??

  19. Hahaha like the hidden messages totally agreed. Hope I won’t be the unnoticed calculator to someone.. Oh count me in coz I always find my pen high n low but that stuff usually besides me wan…

    Hahah Hmm i think many people are similar eh

  20. i like your blog, so cute!!!
    Yeah, we should focus and appreciate what we had and having now, shouldn’t chasing too much on something you haven get yet.


    Hehehe..but I’m chasing something everyday

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