Rashes? Red Marks? Bite Marks? Love Marks?

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Today I wake up again with red dots on both of my hands and I have no idea where did they came from.  They are pinkish red, with a little bump and its not itchy at all.

The only thing I can think of is mosquito bite marks. ( Some of my colleagues said its allergy instead)

Its not the first time and occurred quite randomly. Sometimes there are only one or two marks, sometimes there are none of them and sometimes there are so many that I looked like as if I had a weird diseases. LOL…

Eventually, they will disappeared after a few days.

And its not contagious.


On the other hand, a colleagues of mine just came back from Bangkok last week and her friend happened to be suspected and quarantined. Currently, we’re not sure whether her friend was infected or not but the hospital are going to send a medical force to check her out just in case.

So may God be with us.

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  1. hey I have the same prob too… every now and then. i think it is mos bite.

    Maybe its a sign of evolution wahahaha or mutation XD

  2. seems like mos bites to me.. I got that too during hot weather..

    btw, wafu is cute in that ladioactive suit.. LOL!!!

    You too eh?

  3. hmmmm.. that one seems more like allergy, or something like that. haha.

    try to sit down and think, what is the common food you ate everytime you get the red dots the night before?

    It probably, in a small amount, won’t harm you but in a big amount, it MIGHT be a different stories.

    consult your physician and see if they can be of any help.

    p/s: It is DEFINITELY NOT mosquito bite. It could be even Dengue. but judging that you’re still able to blog about it, it’s either it is NOT Dengue, or, you’re immune to it (of which is not so possible). haha. get a doc!

    Not nyamuk eh..
    If next time I hv them again, I think I will go ask the doc about it

  4. oh oh! I just remembered suddenly! It could be also bed mites or err.. some kind of parasites that bite when you’re sleeping soundly.

    if it is true, they usually bite at nite, almost every nite. >.<!

    I saw those on Animal planet …
    they can buy a lot of times a night..

    but strange that only my hands hv marks

  5. I was thinking of bed mites too XD
    Check your pillow or other bed stuff. Maybe there are some tiny little thing hiding beneath it ;p

    Bed mites.. >< could be ..

  6. Oik~~don play play…watch out…mosq bite oso dangerous…NYAMUK DENGGI…now oso popular liao…Bcareful…B4 u sleep…u better borrow ladioactive suit from Wafu…@@

    Wahahah different size ler

  7. I suppose that is not mosquito bite, perhaps allergy like what your colleague told you.

    Try changing you bedsheets more often. =)

    I just changed xD

  8. sometimes i get them too. mayb mosquitoes. if u are worried, just wait and see if u hv thw flu symptoms. 🙂 tcare

    Flu symptom? O.o that one serious ler

  9. i used to have similar red dots. it usually happens during hot weather. but can’t confirm if its the same. anyway, careful. =)

    Hahaha thanks 🙂 i will

  10. Opps.. I saw another JC up there…! This JC isn’t that JC! =D

    I think that’s the Kisses from mosquito, I used to have that on my hands too… so I’m sure that’s the bad work from mosquito!! Miao, eat them!

    Miao dont eat insect neh~~

  11. Miao….

    Hope that all those are just false alarm and you will be back in action.

    Stay safe ah..make sure you take the necessary precautionary step.

    Take care

    Its nothing I guess..

  12. Ooh! Those! I get that too sometimes. Never had any idea what was that either, but I never really did bother, since it dissapeares after a few days.

    Maybe you’re too heaty these days? :s

    Hmm not sure ler.. but im getting ulcer again LOL

  13. haha now i realize i got the marks too…

    whats the goat mean at the end X3

    you should go get chekcd lah!

    It means god XD LOL when you pronounced it wrongly

  14. the goat is sooo cute..!! wafu in that radioactive suit is soooooo cute too.. i crop the goat image and make it as my YM avatar..!! credits to you..!! thanks..!!

    Hahaha thanks ^^

  15. sometimes i had it also..vr minor oni la..dont care about it lar

    mayb u hand terkena dirty stuff, skin abit allergy

    hahaha i usually don’t care much also

  16. it could be bed mites, dust mites, anything to do with skin allergies. but anyways, stay healthy okie, still looking forward more and more posts from u 🙂

    Hmmm… spiders~~~ OMG!!

  17. haha..i think its allergy too just like what ur colleague thought… go n c doctor then if happen too frequent….

    Hmm maybe should see the doc lor..
    it happens very randomly..

  18. Did you go to the beach?I had something similar weeks ago,got it from the beach…Dr said ‘Sand Flies,next time put replellent…’:(

    Nolor.. I didn’t went anywhere 🙁

  19. It could be bed bugs… best to wash your bedsheets, pillow covers, blankets and put your pillow and mattresses under the sun to kill them.

    I just wash my mattress and comforters..
    Maybe its my bed…

  20. =____________= *wind blows over* so cold neh. Anyway, the red dots make me uncomfortable. May be it’s the bed bugs bacteria infection or something. I get them once too. Take care ya.

    Hahaha cold wind, I can imagine that..

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  22. Hey… Those spots may look like petechia. Bed mites may also be a cause of it… based on the photos, they looked slightly swollen only… better change your bed sheet often… 🙂

    Although petechia and bed mites are quite harmless, please consult your doctor about it. For more info, you can always Wiki it… 🙂

    By the way, nice blog… I love the comics… 😀

    Hmm could be ..
    I did consult my doc.. she said its nothing LOL

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