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  1. Maybe you need to stop staying up so late to draw..xD
    And are you sure it’s a ghost..maybe it’s your colleague’s child.xD

    I’m just tired I guess and making me seeing things.

  2. the grunge..!! or.. the six sense.. thanks gos you dont see any bruce willis.. wakakaa..

    Bruce willis haven’t die yet. So I might see MJ LOL
    Seriously, I never encounter something like this before.. so most probably I’m just tired and seeing things

  3. oh thats ur lost bro, Ju-On…. XD

    what a nice special effect! XD

    Reply: Jeng Jeng!!! *runs special effect*
    I don’t have any brother. Jeng!! Jeng!!LOL

  4. lol! Jian is looking forward to having his own first boy? lol! kong hei lei! haha jian will have new character in his comic blog 😛

    Helll Noooooooo hahahahaha
    I have phobia of kids.. XD
    Need serious preparations, if I’m planning for one.

    Hold on, I’m not married yet..
    and still single somemore wahahahaha
    and young too..

  5. Ahahh, perhaps the kids name happen to be Ju On! *jeng jeng jeng* Hhahah….get some rest when you can.

    Hahaha I will try to but there are just so many things to do. 😛

  6. OMG, I now at office now and hopefully I not seeing a kid as well under my colleague’s table as well XD

    btw, have a nice weekend.

    Trying and peek your table first 😛 hehehe
    thanks~~ you too

  7. lol…maybe u see some ‘things’…becareful oo…:)…dont stay up work too late ady…’dangerous’…haha

    Its okay since I left the office on time. 😛

  8. OMG I am so tired from work too, but don’t have lar until see things !! ahahahaha…

    Hahaha meaning I’m going to collapse soon…
    I wanna break away from 8-6 or at least do stuffs I like ~~ hahahaha

  9. HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHA omg, so did you really saw a kid under your colleague’s table? Or it’s your imagination? Anyways I’ve seen my colleague sleep under the table before, but I wasn’t hallucinating.

    Sleep under the table O.o ?!!
    Woah your colleague is good!

  10. my collegue said she saw a kid running in the office the other day too………. hahaha

    Omg this is more scary O.o

  11. tommorow go n clarify with your colleague.
    And let him know there is a kid under his table.

    Im sure he is scared to death.

    Its a she.. so I decided not to tell her.
    My other colleagues told me not to let her know alsoo XD

  12. wow, the kid disappear… that is much more scary ler…

    If the kid didn’t disappear then it would be much more scary.. no?

  13. That’s so scary. XD. let me know where is ur office, i’ll make sure i dont work there hahahahaha

    for my case, i saw my revoltech figures climb over my monitor D: (my colleague put it there, it does stun for me a while).

  14. oh, it is not normal to see kids under your desk? (:
    lol.. i dont know if u heard, in genting casino,
    underneath the machines theres lots of candy and sweets. the reason why? people say that there is little ghost children under there and by giving them lollies and sweet things, they give you good luck so you can win some $$$..

    true or not true? im not sure myself, i just heard it from my grandma lol

  15. mb ur colleagues hv “kumantong” as a pet.. i agree 100% with what ChelleBELL said.. that is definitely a “kumantong”..

    Hahaha that will be even more creepier

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