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Miao’s Last Day..




Hahaha… Only Miao is going back. Wafu and Jester is staying behind with Pafu. 😛

Being a good cat, I’m going back to Kuching just to see my family!! Wooohooo

But then if there is anyone who wanan go yumcha still can find me out ya. ^^

I had scheduled a post or two during my leave. So please do check it out. ^^


My Colleague is super duper Nice!

Yesterday, there was a heavy rain. It was a really crazy one, the rain just started to pour for only 10 minutes and the road was already flooded. Just within half an hour, the road outside my company turned into a river. @@

The air con in my office is also crazy one. It will go super duper cold whenever it rains outside.

With the wet clothes and the cold office, I had a feeling that I gonna get sick soon…

My colleague is such a nice person that she actually went and bought me a shirt during lunch break so that I won’t catch  a cold. The shirt even fits perfectly. *Touched* Really need to thanks her a lot.

P/S: Gosh after reading the comments, I need to clarify that my colleague is my senior, she’s a married woman who is way older than me. 🙂 I’m the youngest in the office.


Entertaining is part of my Job Scope.

My classmates are so shocked to see me the way I pose for the photo. Honestly I think this is the first time they see me like this as I am usually very serious and concentrate during class XD wahahaha




It was a small gathering… just a small hang out and chilled out session between the students and with the Sensei (teacher). The senior was so kind enough to even treat us a plate of Sashimi.

Then during the eating session..

And I did it again. XD

And I also just notice that entertaining the colleagues is part of my job scope.


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