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The cat is recovering but the sore throat stills there and standing strong. LOL. I’m trying to drink as much water as I can at the moment and hopefully it will get better within these few days. Its going to be mating season, need to start purring for mates on the rooftop soon. LOL… just joking..

Anyway, at the mean time, please do check out my Guest Blog Post at KLUE Online. Its a post on something I experienced in a cinema some time ago which I found it very interesting. It was posted on Tuesday but I just noticed it today. :P. Hope you guys enjoy the comic strip. 🙂 See you guys soon~~




This gonna be another story XD

Comments 32

  1. hahaha my first comment here..XD

    yalor many ppl got sick recently….F*** H1N1 that caused a lot of worriedsome among us!!!

    Hopefully everyone will be okay

  2. huuuwaahhhh… Getting more fehmeh liao!! 😀


    Hahahaha no lar where got *scratch head* hehe
    Someone is featured on the magazine ler 😛 Lagi femes

  3. your post about the cinema is so funny ^^ haha

    Hehehe thank you ^^
    actually its a remake from my old post

  4. waaa…..hao lian liao lor…….hahahhaa……just kidding…….it is GREAT!!! Congrats! Now Miao is Lion King liao…..”HEAR ME ROAR!!!” no more purring…heheehhee…….:)

    Hahaha where got ^^
    just sharing.. *koff koff* and can skip update XD *koff koff*

  5. ohhhhhh btw, i didnt know your nose is a virgin leh……hahahahhaa…..:-)

    Its not but it was the first time I actually dig something red from it XD

  6. I like your comic strip in Klue. Am in total agreement with the kicking thing in the cinema. I faced that all the time. Argghhhhhh…..

    Hehehe thank you ^^
    Annoying right?

  7. miao, went to doctor liao har? make sure it’s not H1N1 ar…dangerous leh these days, go everywhere also got ppl with flu/coughing @_@ kowaii desu~

    Went to the clinic d..
    Now left coughing.. which I hate the most ><

  8. yea, must go see doctor and hope it is not H1N1. hope you get well soon.

    they should go to get a motel room instead of being in cinema. another things i hate are kids that making noise non stop in cinema. bloody annoying.

    In the end I think they did as they left the place a while after. hahaha

  9. i was a featured personality on IF interactive magazine back in jan 2008. unfortunately, it requires people to download a readily available software and only then the magazine can be viewed.

    very tedious i must say, and i didn’t think many people actually read it, hahaha. oh well…

    btw, congrats! that is indeed a milestone for you.


    Woahhh…but too bad that it needs a software to read it.
    I think you gonna get featured again sooner or later as your works are simply amazing~ ^^

  10. I just started the sick season yesterday! Flu and sore throat! Everyone around me just recovered from sick and now my turn ! :'( I wanna MC !! But too much work to do :'( 🙁

    Its like taking turns >< I think my colleagues are going to get sick soon too

  11. haha I also got sick yesterday. terrible stomachache then terrible fever. but I slept and drank lots of water d whole day and now ok liao. Only a bit of stomachache sometimes.

    pick nose till bleed? happened to me before =__=

    woaahh seems like everyone is getting sick.
    You sure recover very fast..

    Yea.. but the blood doesnt seems to be mine LOL

  12. try drinking honey with water.. supposedly will make ur throat feels more comfortable 🙂

    I think I really need to drink some honey..
    the cough is not getting better after so many days

  13. Awww.. Kennysia recomment your blog as blog of the day.. errr.. on 01 July..
    i am outdated.. =.=”

    Yea he did a blog plug on my blog *touched*

  14. bt i cn oni c ur wall paper, tats all..anyway, hope u get well d

    You mean my old blog?
    Hmm I can access it with no hassle wor.. strange..
    you could try clear your cache

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