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When I first knew about the event, I told myself I must go check it out but as forgetful as always I forgot about it and had plan on that weekend.

If it wasn’t for Jester’s invites, I might actuallyΒ  miss it out. So I rearranged my plan for that weekend and did a one-day trip to KL.

This year the Urbanscape event was held in Sentul which was quite easy for me to reach. As I took a LRT ride straight from the LRT behind the Pudu Bus Station to there. As easy as it seems to be, there was only one problem.

There was no sign or indicator to know where should I wait for the Urbanscape shuttle van, eventually like everyone else, I waited at the wrong spot.

While waiting, I walk around and browse through the area and gosh I like it so much.

There are arts everywhere. There are booths displaying their artworks and designs, stalls selling their designs or other people designs, and there are music almost every corners, live bands, street performances, and even live concerts. There even had short film showings, local movie screenings and stage performances in the KL Pac Building.

After a while, and my date of the day, Jester arrived. LOL.

I’m such a meanie. Actually I think I will get lost too since the KL city is too big d. @@




And we started to walk around at the place and found these cute stuffs there…

Evangelione’s Handmade.


Cute Rabbit Namecards by Stoodle

And the super cute flying cow from FrankieMumbo~~

Hahaha I love this cow very much.

I dunno why but I just..

Nothing wrong with it right?




I didn’t shoot much but here are some random shots to share.

Yatz, Tim, Carol




Here’s a some videos from the event by other visitors…




The places started to get more interesting at night but…

Hopefully, next year I can go again and hope it would be a even greater event.








2 days later

Comments 32

  1. wahhhhhh! I have never been to Urbanscape before!!
    Looks like a place where I’ll find lotsa wonderful things!!! Next time must go!! Let me know next time too! =D

    Yeah there are so many stuffs to see..
    I think those who love arts and designs would definitely love the place ^^..
    Sure thing next time we might do a gathering there hehehe

  2. I wanna go urbanscape! *crying.

    *sigh. All the gewd stuff *sigh, Oh, I’ve checked the links. OMG so kewl! Btw, I got a doodolls shirt, last time I order from a friend hehe.

    @_@ No worries, I also have problem with handling cuteness LOL

    Reply: woahh doodolls shirt.. I thought they have plushies only..
    So cute right

  3. Serious??? Someone infected H1N1 in Urbanscape???????

    So did u go for a checkup?

    From what I read.. yea..
    Did it.. and I’m okay πŸ˜€

  4. H1N1.. O.O

    glad u are fine now.. ^^

    Hehehe yeah.. but I was sick during this week. Lucky it was just a common cold but everyone around me were nervous ^^”

  5. oh..rupa-rupanya is at sentul… i saw the event in TV b4, but they din show the location…geezzzee

    I missed out such a good event T.T (don care the H1N1)

    It was awesome..
    Can’t wait for next year’s Urbanscape

  6. Wahaha! So Jester is the cute jocker with a bell~!

    It suppose to be a Jester cow with a bell XD but a cow is so hard to draw >< So it doesn't really look like a cow at all xD

  7. Sure boh? H1N1 at urbanscape? I’ll like to go there too but I’ll need to swim all the way there from Penang lol.
    Next time stay overnight there lah. No need to rush. You travel Mlk to KL also take 2 hours+ liao.

    Yup.. its on the news days after.
    I had a meeting on Sunday morning, so I had to go back regardless.

  8. wah r u still ok?

    btw yr date is so cute lah!

    Oki~~~ still able *koff koff* to *koff koff* kill *koff koff* a tiger *koff koff*

    blardy cough T___T

    hahah cute in real person or in cartoon?

  9. TWP things!

    #1. KL ppl lost in KL. wahahahahahaha

    #2. A H1N1 in Urbanscape?!! WAKAKAKAKAKAKA

    ps.hope you’re okay.. XD

    Yeah I’m very well ^^ hehehe

  10. Seems that the H1N1 case is under control now. The individual has already been released to recover at home, and his group of friends were tested negative. Still for those who went, and you feel unwell…please go and get yourself tested :).

    It’s normal to get lost in KL la. I dunno take wrong bus how many times dee. I even accidentally drove to Ipoh instead of going to subang from mid valley before ><.

    Woahh that’s a great news..

    hahaha that’s funny.. I think I will made the same mistake like you if I happened to drive in KL..
    hehe I only know how to travel via LRT XD

  11. Wow….such a nice event…wish I can go next time…between…is it my the photo angle or it’s real that i saw your grey hair…haha..XD…miao is getting old…

    Hahaha its real 1..
    I hv grey hair since I was in primary 6.

  12. One week has passed and we’re all fine! thank god πŸ™‚

    And still able to dance ~~ Wooo *dancing*

    Do hope everyone will be okay

  13. Look at that Darth Vader!!!Cute-nyer~~~~ XD

    I also will lost in KL once in a while,walk by the same shop for 2-3 times and still dono whr I nd to go.lolz.

    Cute right.. XD I like it too.

    Hahaha I’m worst..I will get lost in 1U shopping mall itself XD

  14. Wahahahaahhahaahahahahahahahaha!!!!
    *Kindly ignore me thank you*
    *Another new sign of H1H1 is laughing over nothing*

    Ah Miao! Next time must chain you to the bus so no need to pull you away from the event >.<

    Wahhhhhh meanie~

  15. I actually should be there too..but friend aeroplane last minutes…else I will be in the same boat as you…But thank god ur ok now πŸ™‚

    Hehehe yea.. but then the event was really nice

  16. haha…again..look at wafu,putting on the radiation suits XD…

    Hahaha one day I should hide his suit away

  17. i noe y u like d cow, cz its eyes r same wit ur cats eyes.. btw, is tat a bra on d drum??

    You mean we have the same eyes?

    Hahah yea.. its a bra.. πŸ˜› not sure bout the Cup tho

  18. nice! so many cute stuffs… i would like to buy them too. will try to be there next year.

    btw, y jester is a cow? ur female friend? πŸ˜›

    I also wanna buy them but I don’t have the money πŸ™
    Hahaha that cow bought a dress tho XD a cute dress somemore..

    Hmm why Jester is a cow?
    Because I always called her Gu (cow in Hokkien).

    Its like how I called Jack as Chicken Jack. XD

  19. i mean the doll’s cow eye same, 90% only bt nt as cute as ur mioa in d blog of coz..hehe

    ooo XD
    hahahaha really very cute lor the cow.. fly here and there XD

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