Mosquitoes Attack

Jian Akiraceo Room 59 Comments

Seriously, the mosquitoes in my room are getting more and more. I just bought a mosquito repellent just now.   Hopefully it will do its stuff and prevent those mosquitoes from sucking me dry.

I don’t know why but I keep getting the idea that the mosquito does not have much effect on them because I can still see a mosquito flying freely in front of me right now.  =.=

It seems like Wafu found some new friends and I think I just killed them.

Comments 59

  1. The same thing happen to me..
    I don’t know where all the nyamuk came..
    It usually appear in the night..
    When the a-c are on, only!

    LOL.. then don’t on the AC 😛

  2. it’s not sticky or oily.. its watery..
    btw, love ur comics~~ they are damn damn damn damn kawaiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Watery still okay 😀 I don’t like oily and sticky 1..

    Hahaha thanks

  3. Haha! Funny lar you 😀

    Anyway, I think the weather is getting hotter so you can see a lot of mosquitoes and ants around. That’s what happening in my house lar. Hate it 🙁

    The Haze is here ><

  4. Take a look at the youtube video – mosquito attractant mma. That’s what I call a real mosquito attack!

    Haha okay i go check it out.

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