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For some reasons, I’m getting this comment pretty much lately…

Sometimes I wondered is it a good thing to look younger? I bet the girls would say YES. Hahahaha… how bout the guys then? Prefer to look more mature? or more uncle? or more father looking?

Personally I prefer to look younger, maybe it suits my person better…LOL but it might gives some difficulties during work.

It might not caused any problem during a date though…

unless you said the wrong words.



I didn’t mean it~~~ huhuhuhu~~

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  1. Somehow, I think gals will always prefer older, mature guys who they can depend on. thats why you rarely see western gal actually marry an asian guy even though the guy is cute. the asian guy usually always look much younger, so if they marry, she’ll end up marrying a boy :P.

    The cat has to be a loner then XD

  2. wahahaha.. yeah.. take it as a lesson..
    dont ever say u look younger in front of ladies, especially ladies with young age but a bit mature face.. =)

    Hahaha and never say we’re brother and sister to someone who is special XD

  3. ehem, ppl can’t seem to correctly figure out my age too XD kekekek which is gewd mwahhahahaha.

    I rike it!

    Hahaha girls sure happy to hear that ^^

  4. besides the looks, it oso depend on ur appearance. I mean ur height. If u taller, ppl might tot u older…vice versa..

    Girls don like become old. why? the older u get, more wrinkles u have and, is like…no one admire u d. in this society, if girls are already 30 and above, u hardly can find a good job. and have to be attached, or else u like to be single…iron woman. 😀

    anyway, is the heart that shows. If u think u r young, then you are!

    Yeahh when’s the heart is young, then you are young!!!

  5. Haha!! Usual life I wish to look younger.
    Working life I wish I look more matured.

    That’s what happened once I said that infront of a lady XD

    I also think that a more mature face is better during work..

  6. I look younger than you miao!
    It’s more like an uncle walking with a small girl, muahauahauahua!

    Got soo big difference meh.. XD

    Which part is uncle? Hng! >:P

  7. I look younger than my age too…and I think it’s great! 🙂

    You can get away with a lot if you look innocent. Heh!

    Hahaha yeah..can go “buaya” around

    tho I don’t have the courage to

  8. Wa pun look younger…wakakaka….still 20+ nia…misi at klinik Kota Padawan Bt 10 pun said like tat….hey hey…wa si beh happy….ur little sis kok ka cham…look like primary school kid…beng~~~~

    LOL its in the family hahahahha

  9. Heho Miao… been following ur blog since I saw ur entry at nuffnang’s featured blogger. Never quite posted any comment til now.

    I guess it depends… for me when I’m working people usually think I’m much older than I am. Specially wen I was 23 and was sounding a colleague of mine for being irresponsible. A new consultant was brought to my cubicle to intro to me by my manager and she told me she tot I was a 30+ with kids. Later asked her if I really look that old but she said it was the authority figure I presented when sounding ppl doesn’t quite make me sound like a 20+… (=.=)

    And outside when I’m not working ppl tell me I look like I’m jz fresh outta college (dunno whether they’re pulling my leg boh) but I think it’s cos I act and dress very differently in and out of work.

    So I agree with TianChad. Better to look older/mature when working. Easier for people to take you seriously. Outside… aiyah, chilleks a bit la… life’s too short… forgive me for my lengthy comment and I absolutely love the twist you put into your blog using pictures instead of words… 🙂

    Hahaha thanks for reading my site for so long ^^.
    I think I’m only different when I’m around with different type of people.

  10. hey same. i also dunno whether younger or more maturer is better lols

    so if u look young, gf must lagi young xD

    Hahaha it will be awkward when teh gf looks older eh?

  11. Hahaha of course gal prefer looks young and sweet ler.. Hmm personal opinion I prefer guy look young but mature!

    Young and mature O.o
    This is hard LOL

    Look young but mature when handling stuffs?

  12. Nevermind about what people see.
    The most important thing is enjoy life to the max and you will be sure to look young. 🙂

    Yeahh hell with what other people see right?
    As long as we’re happy right?

  13. Haha! Me too! Many people tot me young.. looks as 18 years old.. I am working in the college.. A security guard don’t allow me go park inside because he tot me is student.. I told him many times about I am staff of college but he never believe me! 😛 I already complained to the office security and show proof of my staff card/document.. Finally, they said sorry, then can allow me park inside.. 😀

    It depends on the people because what they see your face.. Better stay as ‘young’! 😛

    LOL.. at least they said sorry.. some doesn’t even say sorry and pretend they never stopped you when they knew they had made a mistake..

  14. looking back at this ‘cow’ and the previous ‘cow’, i think the previous drawing w/o the details on the cow nose is better.

    Heheh was playing around with her look to see which 1 better…
    I will change her back for the any upcoming posts ^^

  15. looking back at this ‘cow’ and the previous ‘cow’, i think the previous drawing w/o the details on the cow nose is better.
    P.S. – Sorry, forgot to tell you great post!

  16. Eh? Miao and Jester… went dating? ehehe… cute leh… and miao… u dun look younger than jester la.. Jester is definitely cuter and younger… And of course look older is better if u’re working.. ppl will take u more seriously… look young and they bully u~~ if u’re my colleague, i sure bully u to the max!!

    Hahaha Jester gonna be so happy with what you said bout her hahaha..

    I am.. kena bullied T____T

  17. i got that comment too lately… ppl here in the office think i am 20… but am actually 23 =) kinda like it though ahahahaha *got away from most of the hard work hehehehe i think is the way i dress… kinda look like a teenage juz started working… short skirt… blouse… platform heels.. ahahaha love them ^^

    Hahahaha still can get away from work @@

  18. Haha it was time when i was studying at college, i was used to be similar to yours…my relative asked how is your high class studies? i told them i got over high school and was currently studying in college d..but they dun believe, they said i look like form 1 student….%$&^()*@!

    sometimes i was not very happy to hear… hate my cursed youth look!!! haha

    Form 1 student is just wayyy too over d ><

  19. my friend, in university have the look of standard six student.. seriously. But actually he’s experiencing some sort of weird disease that prevent him from growing. So, moral of the story, doesn’t matter if u have the mature or kiddy look, just grateful with what we have 😀

    Yeah..that’s right..
    we need to be grateful with what God gave us.

  20. I think the ladies would like men to look older.
    So they’ll look younger! hehehe

    Hahaha all the ladies look younger then the guys no need to look older hahaha

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