Secret Ninja Assassination Technique: Mist No Jutsu

Jian Akiraceo Rant 21 Comments

The haze just strike the historical town of Melaka, though its not as serious as other states but still can notice a bit little hazy out there. Some more I wake up in the morning I can smell the smoke as if someone is burning nearby and my throat is a bit itchy as well.

Anyway, guys do take care of your throat ya..  🙂

This is a friendly caring message from the cat..




Please ignore my spelling mistake in the strip please 😛

Comments 21

  1. haha a very obsessed cat with naruto XD

    yalor….haze also attacked penang last monday….i didnt dare to go out for lunch…. my friend said he cannot see KOMTAR on the da way not like the usual he can see KOMTAR… o.O

    Wahh that’s serious ><

  2. yea… there is haze here in putrajaya too last monday. now ok already. rained for a few minutes on wed and today. so the haze here now is almost gone already. =) thank god for that hehehe

    Gosh dunno how long this haze gonna lasts

  3. err yeah haze was baaaaaad last week… i just came out of exam hall.. thought whats going on outside… look out the window, see nothing… just very thick haze… then went to pyramid.. gosh, can even see its hazy inside pyramid.. 🙁

    Wahh even inside pyramid also hazy O.o

    Gosh I think I need to wear a mask this coming Saturday

  4. haze going bad recently…….and the government doesnt seems to bother…grrr..that was so sad… 🙁

    aiii~~ just hope they can do something about it…

    I think the only thing they can do is to make some artificial rain..

  5. My Australian trailer came over last week and he said “Malaysia is such a nice place! It looks like UK! So misty and foggy”. :T

    I said “it’s haze”.

    He said “what’s that?”

    LOL misty and foggy.. XD

  6. yeah its the time of the year again…the haze’s back.
    did u draw this after reading naruto?

    Hahaha actually no.. I just being random again wahahaha

  7. no wonder la. this morning when i go to class I see that it is so hazy. Kuching finally rained yesterday. The weather was so terribly hot few days ago.

    Wahh hopefully it wont be so hot when I’m back..

    BTW, the cat is going back this 30July!! woooohoo *dance*

  8. The goverment should install huge fan to fend off the haze.

    later blow away the buildings XD how

  9. awwww so cuteeeeeeeee

    but seriously the haze is so so so bad that i can smell the burn in the air

    Yealo.. but these days everything is clear again O.o in Melaka

  10. Haze is getting worse by the day. Hope it doesn’t get worse until like back in 1997. Visibility is only 5 meter that time.

    That time was super serious ><

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