Something worse than Monday Blue.

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Hehehe… This happens a lot on Mondays. When I try to wake up, the head will always be the one still sleeping on the pillow. And this is when the Monday Blue strikes and I don’t feel like going for work…Hahahaha

For those who follows my previous blog will know that I have insomnia once in a while.

And having Insomnia on Monday is not a good thing. XD

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  1. Poorthing, try drinking hot milk, I guessed it helps…
    Don’t so cute can…

    Can make one for me please~~ 😛

    Hahaha where got cute 😛 Bluek

  2. try lavendar essence~~ I m light sleeper…insomia happened to me also once in a while.or listen to soft musics!or read history book(book that u dislike/boring)

    Does it have any side effect to hamster?
    I don’t really like music during sleep.. it makes me stay awake XD

  3. I need to fix my body clock. Maybe I should have those aroma thinggies in my room huh? @_@

    And yes, I’m insomnic T_T

    Or I’m nocturnal @_@

    I think you’re nocturnal

  4. Oww..Poor thing… Too bad can’t help you coz it strike me once in a while too..:(

    Hey I read on “Robby Angel Of Insurrection” blog you gonne giveaway tix to movie UP wor.. When chet ? KL can wan ah ? Hehehehe….

    Hehehe Yup.. I’m giving out tickets for the awesome movie, Up.. in these few days hahaha..
    The movie is screening in KL.. 🙂

  5. perhaps should play the lullaby song for you 😛 give you sleeping pills 😛 sure work sure work 😛

    Hahaha if eat pills i think I might not be able to get to work XD

  6. Hey… i have that prob too. when i just got back to uni, tat’s why i force myself not to sleep in the afternoon anymore to prevent tat.

    Uni life suppose to be nocturnal no?

  7. try a cup of fresh milk before you sleep. and do not touch your PC from 10pm onwards (its best to sleep between 10pm-11pm, after 12 your body tend to go into overdrive mode liao). allocate an extra hour to roll until you sleep too :P.

    Oyasuminasai! If you feel awake still…perhaps you can take out your loan agreement/history books/contract agreement to read….

    Touching PC is a must.. 😛

  8. When you can’t sleep back. Wake up and have a warm boiled milk. it is hard to sleep when you force urself to sleep ;p

    Hmm don’t have a milk.. but I do have a bottle of tiger from the Tiger Party hahaha

  9. for one thing i know is…never talk/chat/sms to Jason (you-know-who..) at one of those nights that you have insomnia…he will talk you into “get out from the bed & don’t try to sleep la!”



    Hahaha yeah.. and pull you out for a supper or breakfast XD

  10. ya, u wrote at your twitter…. haiz…
    me 2 sometimes having this problem.
    when want to sleep time, my brain become super active make me cannot sleep…

    LOL you should go sleep before the sleep time then

  11. I was facing the same problem too! I was awake on Monday early morning 5 am plus.. cz I suddenly had a running nose and it was terrible! Luckily I managed to sleep again around 6 am… ZZzz

    Almost the same case… just that I slept back around 7 XD

  12. let me teach you one way if you got insomnia especially on Monday… TAKE MC!

    Hahahaha shhh don’t say it so loud.. my colleagues read my blog 😛

  13. LOL poor poor miao 😛 Sometimes I sleep at 12am then wake up one hour later @_@ then is like my head keep dropping down on the desk D:

    Wahh that’s like not sleep at all..

  14. funny miao haha… i got insomnia too try not to eat before 2hour of your sleeping time 🙂 its help 😉

    I stopped eating supper for quite sometime d 😛

  15. Read a boring book while on the bed. Whenever I open my chemistry text book, i’d be out cold in record time. Lol.

    Hahaha I always advice people to do this.. but I never really try before XD

  16. try washing your leg b4 u go to sleep…it works for me…but make sure you wipe it clean ya…otherwise another sickness will say ‘hi’ to you…you guess what sickness…hehe;P

    Hmm never try this before..
    I try and see 😀

  17. i got this porb too last night =.=… end up sleepy in office huhuhuhu…

    Surprisingly, I was so awake that day @@

  18. LOLs… I’m nocturnal… or insomniac… dunno which one applies more… during d day I’ll be trying 2 keep my eyes open… and wen I finally go home, I force myself to stay awake… if sleep in evening confirm 10 o’clock will wake up and won’t be able to go back to sleep until 3am… (T_T)

    And if I somehow am able to stay awake… by 12am aso I’ll be wide awake no matter how tired I was… so now… I is conpused… (@_@)

    Forgive my blabber… Onie slept 4hrs last nite…

    woahh 4 hrs O.o that’s very less

  19. I’m nocturnal. At the same time, I’m good in sleeping lol!

    Since my father is in a construction and development industry, our office is situated the construction nearby (as well as the airport) — and you can imagine it can be SOOOO noisy!

    But because I live with it, no matter how noisy outside can be, I can still sleep like a PIG! LOL! There was once (one of my semesters) I almost missed my final exam paper! The exam started at 9AM and I woke up at 8.50AM! I am fortunate to have good friend who is willing to call me to check on me T_T

    LOL once you sleep you really sleep hahahaha XD

  20. I’m a full time insomniac. I get only about 2-3 hours of sleep average in a week. And I still have to go for college and a part time job. Guess the only time I can sleep is when I’m heading towards severe exhaustion.

    Sadly, it kills your concentration and appetite 🙁

    Ya it certainly does..
    It happened to me when i have things to rush and sleep less

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