Entertaining is part of my Job Scope.

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My classmates are so shocked to see me the way I pose for the photo. Honestly I think this is the first time they see me like this as I am usually very serious and concentrate during class XD wahahaha




It was a small gathering… just a small hang out and chilled out session between the students and with the Sensei (teacher). The senior was so kind enough to even treat us a plate of Sashimi.

Then during the eating session..

And I did it again. XD

And I also just notice that entertaining the colleagues is part of my job scope.


Comments 45

  1. Hi there, it’s my first comment here.

    So you do know speak Japanese? o,O?

    Entertain us more Miao! xD

    Hahaha not really..
    I know Honda Toyota Mitsubishi~

  2. You should put the chopstick vertically in the mouth at one end, and the nostrils at the other end like Luffy in One Piece.

    Wahhh that’s high level skill XD

  3. wahahaha..thats nice…. entertaining ppl can be good as laughter is the best medicine to everything, rite?

    Yeah hahaha I just like to see people smile and laugh..

  4. haha… bwahahahaha… *falls off the chair*
    that picture is priceless… hahaha…

    “I am usually very serious and concentrate during class” –> *cough*likenottruelerr*cough* XP

    Hahaha okie it might be a lie XD

  5. This is so hilarious. well my 1st time visiting your blog and i like your cattttt.. 😛 u really have good drawing skills, keep it up!

    Well thank you.. please do come more often ^^

  6. Kawaii…
    Don’t tell me you are using the sashimi is ‘alive’ tactic to scare your fren so you can eat more? :p

    Good one! 🙂

    Hahaah not really as she doesn’t eat sashimi XD

  7. Wah so cute the photo you pose! Haha thats good make everyone around you happy! Like Garfield! Miao~ 😛

    Hahaha thank you 😛
    But I cant make everyone happy

  8. wow… someone act cute oh! lucky miao didn’t pose 5 cute pose in the row!

    Next time should tell you boss for salary increment! since you need to do 2 jobs in the company

    LOL.. 5 poses? no thank you 😛

  9. ahem.. the picture with the chopsticks is called “i am a cow”

    cow….. jester~?
    hehe 😀

    LOL you think too much

  10. sometimes its good to be comical than to be dead serious lo.

    lol. ppl 1st impression of me is serious type of person..after knew me more.. they complain i was so talkative and ‘wu liao’ at times.. and often ‘sien diao’ at my cold jokes. hahahaha

    thats why : REN PU KE MAO XIANG / don’t judge a book by its cover

    btw.. i did take pic with the chopsticks like that too. i feel its cute. hahahahaha

    Hahahaha I am quiet usually on the first impression

  11. omg miao.. u’re super cute!!!
    and now i know y they say u look so young, because you look like a noobie high school kid XD

    I really looked young right

  12. i wonder y r u stil single bcz its impossible4a guy like u2b single

    LOL.. I’m not really a person with qualities.. so yeah that answered it XD

  13. *reply to sandy

    i think it’s becoz’ all the girls think he is too young ahahahaha. XD

    I am young! Blerk

  14. aww miao~ now i know why ppl say u young.. x)

    anyways, this is my first comment hehe~

    so yea, just wanna say i like reading ur blog and you’re funny.. xD!

    Hahaha thank you ^^
    Please visit more often ya

  15. Hello miao miao!

    That picture of you is better than the one on newspapers nong nong ago~ XD

    Well thank you ^^

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