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  1. Wow, when is your flight?

    Yesterday (Wednesday) I going back to Kuching cause my uni UPM closed due to H1N1.

    Say, where do you live? ^^

    Hmm let me see.. approximately 5 hours from now.. (1pm flight)..
    I’m from the Mountains 😀

  2. who is jester ar?
    everybuddy is wondering would u enlighten us? 😀

    A new character to the site! Woohoo..
    Check out Miao at Urbanscape post and some others for info 😛

  3. when miao goes back to Kuching he leave everything behind LOL XD

    Hahaha I want to bring everything back..
    but its hard.. as Sarawak is a very strict “country” LOL

  4. *chomps on miao eyebrow cuz it smells like seaweed…

    so jester is taking care of wafu?

    Hahaha not really..
    I passed him to my colleague.. ^^

  5. forgot to wish you safe journey back miao =).


    Thank youuuuu~~~

    Gosh I replying the comments right away right now as I have totally nothing to do here in LCCT. XD
    The line is so bad that the only accessible site is my site!! woohoo

  6. Miao, next time we should meet up when in Kuching.
    I am from Kuching.
    Maybe during CNY. 🙂
    You stay in mountain? Haha… 😀

    Well Hi there..
    Ya.. I’m staying in the mountains.. I bet you can guess where do I stay XD

  7. bwhahha… it’s meet the parents session already? LOL… jk

    anyhow, bon voyage…^_^

    LOL XD
    Thanks ^^

  8. laksa, kolo mee & teh c special.. i wanna follow u back~ T.T

    Kueh Chap, Kio Chap, Cha Kueh, Metahon, White lady, Belacan Beehoon woohooo!!

  9. My flight was on 6pm but I reach LCCT on 12pm. 6 hours nothing to do. If I knew you’re there I should go and find you. LOL…

    Mountain? No idea yet… My brain still blank… xD

    I already check in lur

    Btw, I’m from Mt. Matang.

  10. Have a good journey too. Dun worry, I will take good care of Jester :p

    Hahahaha thank you thank you…
    If possible, do help me make sure she hv proper meals. 😛

  11. Ahaha~~ I like the way you draw Jester… Ganbatte, 1 day she will follow u home~~ ehehe…

    Hahaha thank you

  12. Woo hoo~~ I’ll miss you~~ Hahaha no la JK 😀 Jester don’t kick my butt! 😛 Have a safe trip home and enjoy your time oh!


    hahaha actually I already reach kuching XD

  13. oh~~~ so sweet… someone is actually giving hints to jester.. that miao wanna bring her bk to his hometown….

    What hint what hint?

  14. waaa @_@
    ur website is soo cute
    been reading from post 1
    neway, so jelous ur going back 2 ur hometown
    wanna go home 2 T_T

  15. HAHAHA! I totally did not see that coming! XD

    I’m sure you’ll have a ball back home in Kuching! There really is no place like home 🙂

    Can’t wait for your next entry ^^

    Which part? XD

  16. jester >> ROFLOLMAO~!!!! stim stim la..stim fish for the cat to “makan” XD

    i like Vernice’s comment..will jaga Jester..wooo hooooo

    LOL.. XD

    I like the comment too LOL

  17. star trek plus UFO pulak…

    “………..” speechless….

    haha, anyway enjoy your holiday…be more careful when you are sightseeing somewhere when u back to the city of miao as H1N1 has widenly spreaded >.<

    Yes sir! ^^ will take note of that..

  18. Mt. Matang? Hmmm… Don’t know where… >”<

    Anyway, Kuching Festival is on for Friday night. You going?


    Matang Jaya lor.. XD

    Hmm I will be going for a small gathering before heading the place.
    I think it will be super duper packed but I will go and walk around anyway as it had been 6 years since the last time I visited the place.

  19. Owh, hope I got the luck knocking into you there. xD

    It’s been 2 years for me too. Time traveled so fast. So don’t miss your chance! ^^

    I think it will be hard with all the crowds..

  20. wa…i come back KL, u balik Kuching pulak. it’s only one week in KL and i miss Kuching’s food. i’ve been searching for cha kueh but can’t find frm my favourite stall in Satok. 🙁

    Oh gosh..u frm Matang Jaya? I used to live there, long time ago la, now settling in Bau. But still occasionally i go back Matang Jaya to visit my friend.

    Anyway, enjoy ur stay at home yeah, and stuff urself with a lot of food!!

    Hahaha no fate then 😛
    Bau ar.. super far ler..Honestly, I never been there before 😛

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