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  1. Miao… I saw the link, a pic of Jester and her husband. Is that real? We are worried for you. You have hold Jester’s hands, will her husband come and beat you up?

    Its just a joke ^^”
    Don’t take it too serious.. guys..

  2. hahahahaha XD

    People do take everything written on the Internet seriously, huh? Lol. Guess sarcasm doesn’t work well online. Hahaha.

    >.< Seriously, yealo.. which makes the whole thing out of hand.. Sigh

  3. hahahhah really break 100 comment d~ miao miao new record ^^v

    make the next post more shocking to break this record, wakakkaka!


  4. Can we see that blushy girl?
    Can we?
    Can we?
    Can we?
    Miao falling into the love sea now…
    Things are getting interesting~~~
    Let’s go clubbing on someday again!!!!
    And u will be able to be HERO again…
    Hahaha…<<<<<The best website/blog ever!!!

    Hmm.. no you can’

    I’m not really a hero.. just a zero
    My site is not that good either..

  5. What you mean I don’t want so many comments? I want, nobody wants to give me. T__T

    You can go announced something shocking..
    For sure can get 1..

  6. hey miao, don’t say your blog is not good, we’re all here to read and offer comments because we enjoy what we see. 🙂

    all the best with jester!

    Opps sorry ^^”
    Just that I always hope it could have be better ma..

  7. You are so humble la… I find your comic blog is the easiest to read and very entertaining… no need to read all the long winded story… 😀

    Hehe.. thank you ^^

  8. Hoho~~ the story of Jester and Miao getting more exciting… I’ve been following since day 1.. alr can guess Miao likes Jester… hohoho… :p GANBATTE!! Next JesterMiao comic must have kiss wan ah? ehehe… :p


  9. Wow.. I was away from internet world just for a few months only… and your blog is getting so much interesting story… This is soo cool.. Hope to see further more…

    Anyway.. Congratz for your awesome move.. =P

    Woah where have you been?

  10. Walao eh. Miao remove all the link to her twitter and her blog. And I think the link to the picture with him and her is removed too D: 🙁

    Yes I removed them for the good of all.

  11. Lol. Try this: (*removed^^*) Best comic blog!


    =.= hmm.. seems like you don’t quite understand.

  12. ok, I rarely read your site but this is too cute and too sweet and must comment ^_^v congratulations hahaha… be nice to her wor, don’t “trick” her like that again :p

    hahah you guys all congratulations too early..
    She’s not my gf pun.. XD

    On the side note, i didn’t trick.. really go inside to find Robb and Firdy 🙂

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