My Colleague almost Died from Laughing.

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The other day, my colleague saw/read something on her pc and went laughing and laughing. There were even tears coming out from her eyes, and her faces went as red as an apple while grasping for air and laughing.

When she tried to share it…

She started to laugh non stop again… The whole laughing took a few long minutes before she…

Laughing kills :|.

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  1. o_0″ … usually will only get that when someone laughs with me, and neither can stop because the other is still laughing…

    It happened to me before..
    when me and my 2 classmates were laughing and laughing and couldn’t stopped at all..

  2. LOLx it’s either cacing in the stomache or she really need to call 1-800-CRAZY-WRAZY for help 😛

    lol.. i don’t think she can call as she just can’t stop laughing..

  3. wat was the email about leh? 🙂

    Nothing much .. just that her friend accidentally cc an email to every managers/directors in the company when replying her email..

  4. This post is really funny! I laughed while I was reading 😀

    Act, when I am with my close friends, we laugh a lot too.. until people around us think that we are crazy!! hOHOHOhoho…

    p/s: it’s quite pai sei cz we really laugh out loud!:)

    this brings back memories…

    *look at the sky*
    I think its had been a very very long time.. since I laughed till satisfy..

  5. so wut was it?

    Her friend was chit chating with her tru emails and happened to mention her directors as 3 old man in the mail..

    The funny part is her friend accidentally cc the email to all the managers and directors..

  6. eh.. sometimes when I see ppl laughing, myself also will get infected and laugh for nothing like that..
    It’s just me or everyone also like that one?

    I think some people are like that..

  7. hahaha! i also got few colleagues just like your colleague, always laugh until fall down from the chair but at the end i still waiting for them to tell me what stuff so funny!

    so, next time before she start share with you, just stand behind her before she collapsed!

    Next time i will get the oxygen mask ready..

  8. hahaha i’m really curious abt the email that she’s reading…

    p/s: for the previous reply, i used to work in Bt Berendam as well =P

    Ooo I see…

  9. LOL. i am like tht also! HAHAHAHA before i can tell a joke, i have to laugh for 30 mins first.

    LOL.. 30 mins is way too long..

  10. when it comes to mine, its very different…i usually laugh until my belly is aching and cant feel any appetite… >.<

    For me.. I don’t really laugh much..
    I have a bad sense of humor..

    Hmm.. i don’t smile much either

  11. lol when i saw something very funny and i laughed for a long time… i’ll still laugh at it when i recall that incident on the next day ^^’

    *usually it last for few days… then after sometimes when i bump into something quite same with it… i’ll laugh again while telling the story to my friends… 😐

    A few days O.o

  12. oh ya… i usually laugh in silence when i am in office… and when that happen i’ll end up look like a phone in silent mode… or u’ll end up like watching TV with the mute button on lol… due to will be harder for me to stop coz ppl around me will ask me “what so funny?” and i’ll end up like ur colleague laughing(in silent mode… but did not collaps hehehe) and not telling what is so funny… but will still share that joke later on when i finally got to settel down ^^’

    Vibrating mode lol xD

  13. I can laugh until my jaw in pain but still i couldn’t stop laughing.

    not that I dun wan stop, I just couldn’t stop.. LOL !!

    It’s good to have funny colleagues to work together. 😀

    Hahaha yeah.. its fun to have funny colleague around

  14. lol! chatting, mentioning they’re 3 old men, then cc to them! this is a pretty funny situation, i have to admit, and i can imagine someone laughing to that in this manner :p

    She was asked to see the directors after that ^^”

  15. Hahaha Looks like I’m included cz I always laugh till tears and tummy ache ! Sometimes I could laugh till almost 3 min – 5 min. My bro said I’m sot sot dei wan 😛

    LOL.. XD
    I do laughed like that but once in a blue moon only lo

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