Chicken Ben said Miao is Old.

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I think he’s right, I have been ignoring my body for quite some time d making my skin looking quite ragged and old. I can’t really remember when is the last time I use facial product (My sisters gonna kill me if they found out this), and I even stopped going for any sport activities ever since my kakis left me alone in Melaka 1 year ago XD.

Every now and then when I stretch my body in the office, my colleagues will give me the look as every joint in my body will sounds cin cin… >.<

Hmm…and I don’t think sleep will help here as I’m not really a sleep-person..

Probably a nice and relax trip to the beach and a nice body massage while enjoying the sea breeze and sunset might help. LOL…

Seriously, anyone out there up for a jog or a badminton session?

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  1. Haha… I like the arrow going through your head… 😀

    I think what he meant was you are mature is it? hehe..

    Bring jester to the beach side, you will sure become younger one…

    Nope.. he was referring to my bad skin..

  2. tat y if u seldom take vege…..vege cant stay long in d body tat y need to eat very meal……

    *Pretend didn’t read this* hahahahaha

  3. I play badminton 2 times a week, I am in PJ.

    How good is your badminton? School player? District or State player? Or just play for fun nia. I need to know so that I can recommend the appropriate group to make sure everyone enjoys the game.


    Its bad… very very bad..
    just for fun only.. 😛

  4. you should go jog on every sat or perhaps swim on every sun too. That’s my schedule. 🙂 Jester would prefer a beef up miow,won’t she ? haha

    Gosh swimming..I miss that too..
    huh? don’t understand your last sentence..

  5. Meow meow …. go swim at Sipadan lo …. so near to your place. Since you are at home, can think going what … nearer. Air ticket also cheaper.

    So damn far can… where got near.. its like Singapore to Penang. ><

  6. miao old liaw also nvm la~ got jester ma~~~~ ask jester giv u a kiss then u wil b young x 1000 hahahaha *run*

    Cannot.. she’s not my gf pun

  7. Miao, just remember to do more exercise oh! i think YOGA will make u look healthy and younger oh!

    or else, u come to kl and look for me to play badminton in every sunday morning (10 till 12p.m.).. our company got rent 2 hours badminton court! come! come! FOC oh!

    RAWR! I miss capoiera !!
    My company also got rent 2 hours of badminton court every Thursday..
    but i don’t have any kakis to play with..

    I prefer playing with people who enjoy the game instead of winning 😛
    as those who are teaming up with me 100% will lose 1 hahaha

  8. hahaha.. no ar.. miao..
    from the urbanescape pic.. u stil look very young ar..

    The look is young but the skin is bad..
    pimples, black heads, marks, holes.. gosh ><

  9. Growing old is just a life’s process. 🙂 But of course what we do in life will affect us. Just like if you frown too much, you’ll develop wrinkle faster. 🙂 should take care and facial care is just the basic. tee hee. 🙂 don’t worry about it too much. 🙂

    LOL so many 🙂 icon..

    gosh i think i should smile more lor like that..

  10. Get yourself a Yonex racket, Yomeishu, Biotherm men’s facial and a mirror 😀

    Or a free tix to Krabi/Sipadan/(insert island with pretty beaches here)

  11. hahaha, you want to look younger? go to facial beauty cantre…and ONE IMPORTANT THING to do so is that glue jester onto your side….she will be at your side everywhere u go…..everyone will see you as YOUNGER MIAO….XD

    fyi, i like the drawing of black chicken…look kool!

    Hahha He is darker than his brother so a black chicken is just right for him.
    Hahaha no lar.. I just want my skin to be healthy again..

  12. Face problem!!
    same like me, but, never mind.

    leng zai will remain leng zai although got face problem.

    Im not leng zai also

  13. Abs hard to maintain la..last time second. sch i got “sawah padi” one, now din’t train my abs so long, my sawah padi become one big ball liao.

    miao, get ur own treadmill, den when wafu go jog in his wheel…u can join him lo…

    maybe i should walk wafu in his ball

  14. nolar…still young la…remember the credit card sales approach me instead of you n yh?sob~ sob~!

    Ming jie~~~~
    LOL you’re the oldest among us ma..
    aboo why you think we called you jie

  15. If you go outdoor you will be exposed under the sun, then you will get darker and affected with UV. The skin will look bad again.

    So no help at all. hahaha…

    Jog and bath under the moonlight then XD

  16. You better go for one if not Jester dun wan you liaos 😛

    Imaginary tweet from akiraceo via TweetFox:
    @Jstna which facial products to use? chicken ben say I look very old.

  17. Comet means Jester want a healty and muscular miao ar ;p
    Better take care of your health bro

    Yeah I will take care of my health ^^
    Seriously, it had been some time since we last met..

  18. hehehehe ok miao… no abs… hmmmm maybe u can go to the game/arcade center and hit the ‘para2 dance’ or the DDR instade 😛 hehehehehe it’s fun… and u got to workout… only that u have to pay to play lol =P

    Hahaha I’m bad with those machines.. XD

  19. l0L. i remember this, u told me! l0L hahahahahha funny lah that ben. very cool like that wan. it’s funny how he told u that then just walked off like that. hahahahahhaha sipeh cool!

    Hahaha… he is..

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