Songs are controlling Miao..

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For some reasons, my emotions change easily with songs, some specified songs that I have some special memories of. Whenever those specified songs are played, my feelings at that moment will swing accordingly and that Chicken Jack knows it all along and purposely disturbing me with it.

Though it doesn’t really works all the time as sometimes it just paused and stopped at a point and no songs can change it. Feelings are complicated stuffs which I locked up a year ago and now it “prison break” out. LOL…Damn Michael Scottfield

Yes Ying, your brother is as emo as you. Hahahaha… We’re brother and sister after all.

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  1. I heard there are songs that will turn you into depression and some even suicide for it.

    I never found the songs ah. Maybe you could? xD

    Don’t want!!

  2. it sounds like the Digi’s advertisement. Without You~~~~

    But this situation happens quite often to me as well.

    I never watch advertisement 1

  3. It has been scientifically proven that music affects the brainwave activity patterns. Of course the effect and extents vary from one person to another, but it happens. So yeah..
    But I think my taste of music wont affect you much LOL.

    Yea..and nw i am damn emoing in the middle of the night.. at 3am

  4. i will only be following the emotion of the song if im putting 100% of my concentration in listening the song!
    If im doing something else, it wont bother me that much!

    I can’t concentrate doing anything..

  5. Songs really did change a person’s emotion..=) Anyway it will always started to remind you of someone else you admire in every moment…. lol..

    It always happen to me… I like to listen sad songs when I’m depress.. hahahaha… I think I’m really emotional in times.. I’ll listen to happy songs when I’m happy..

    Music really influences my life.. Music will represent a persons emotional when you listen to what they are listen..

    What can I conclude… That day Chicken purposely disturbing you because he think you are thinking of someone…… hahahaha =P

    That’s why I hate my buddies.

  6. haha..jus drop by to say hi~ im a new fansee of your cute blog 😛

    Well hi there..
    thank you for liking my site 🙂

  7. Miao,try to listen to a song with the title GLOOMY SUNDAY…It’s a legendary suicide song.I find it quite nice to listen to…=D
    U shud try that…

    Thank you!!!!
    Will listen to it..
    If I didn’t update for a whole week without notifications..
    You know what happened..

  8. Yeah I hate it when that happens. Songs are good to get you into the mood if you want to be sad. Which would make you an emo freak.

    hahaha yeah i am an emo freak..

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