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  1. *after saw the picture on fattybonbon post…

    waaa miao… ur rival have arrive! lol think u must do something quick or else it’ll be too late :p

    LOL… no idea XD
    come give some ideas..

  2. zephy on August 11th, 2009

    if like her say lar like her 😛

    Say: lar like her.

    BAD KITTY!!!

    If wanna do it, then do terang-terang….lol

    p/s: Someone using my nick or juz coincidence? anyway it lack 1 r at behind.

    Wondering.. whether it makes any difference..

  3. lol guess that this post will hit 100 comments too? hehehehe 😀

    sorry miao… am not good in giving ideas =.=… hmmmm u can try ask her out 😛

    haha.. I don’t think it will.
    Hmm… she’s *koff koff* hard to date *koff koff* XD

    I think I gonna get hit by someone by saying this XD

  4. LOL…this is so funny…
    If you’re planning on something..
    Don’t post it up here.. keep to yourself…
    Then, it will be a surprise to her…

    Next time.. hold her hand tight.. then she wouldn’t let it go off easily…

    I post when the plan is over/phailed XD

    If I manage to…

  5. omggggg i just read this!! nice to meet you miao, and sorry i kacao a bit 😛 hehehe but honestly, you’re a nice guy. want to see you dance la, heard a lot! XD

    Nice to meet you, Chris!!! ^^
    Kacao ? When wor?

    Nice guy? where got wor.. Hahaha I’m not but you are!

    Dance? Don’t believe everything you hear.. 😛

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