Back From Hibernation with a New Template

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Weee.. I’m back!!! Anyone miss me?



Anyway, I’m back with a new theme.. new color theme to fresh up the mood.

Tho its not fully complete but I still do hope everyone likes it.

Do notify me if you found any bug or anything strange from your browser.



As usual, here’s a wallpaper for the new theme.

Click to download page for the Wallpaper



More stuffs is coming : )

Do stay tuned ya ^^

P/S: Gahhhhh I switched back to my old template as there’s a bug with the new one that couldn’t let anyone read or even comment a post. >.< Will get it fix as soon as possible.

P/S: Those who happened to see it, please let me know how you think. For those who didn’t manage to see it, please refer to the wallpaper for the banner design πŸ™‚

P/S: The usual update will not be affected tho. πŸ™‚

P/S: Okay…need to go to work d till then. I love you all~~~




P/S: Gahhh… I got the comment box back but its ugly. Will try to fix it asap.

Comments 38

  1. The new theme is good…nice layout and nice banner..

    Hope Jester don’t mind you putting her inside

    With approved permission πŸ˜€

  2. let’s go L4D again sometime!!!! and dun always go kacau the witch!!!! XD

    Mady~~~~~~~~ ^^
    Yeah!!! Let’s go for L4D again!! L4D 2 is coming soon with chainsaws and frying pan!! ^^

    Hehehe..I will try not to kacau her lor :3

  3. Nice wallpaper you’ve got but there’s no 31 days in november ler~

    Hahahaha I wish there’s another extra day XD

  4. when second seeing the wallpaper, i found the staff jester is wielding is very familiar….where it come from?

    Ehh dunno ler I just drew it out but my friends said its familiar too.. Hmm.. maybe from some games..

  5. I saw Jester!!! I mean I saw the new template. But really need to fix the green la, can’t see comments, or can just change the colour of the words, something lighter?

    Neways, can only see Submit Com, so now I will submit a com, not comment, hehe

    Fixed! πŸ˜€

  6. wow…now added Jester inside inside your family…haha…but very hard to see your comments la…hehe..but anyway…well done!!

    Hahaha just starring in this time theme..
    who knows who else might show up in my next theme..

  7. **StoneGolem casts FingerTick on Miao
    **Miao takes 1000 damage
    **Cow casts β™₯Healβ™₯ on Miao, recovering 9999 Health, eliminating all status ailments

    Yes miao we miss you! Finally back with new template ….and an ugly comment box. Hahaha

    Wahahaha I like your game captions wahahaha

  8. ROFL! “Miao is back with a new template and a ugly comment box”. Where did the white background go?

    Eaten by the giant rock monster

  9. lol, i am waiting you upload a theme that you confess with jester or a theme that you propose jester…. when eh when can i c tat?

    LOL.. I have no idea..

  10. how come i see everything in BLACK? (in this comment page)
    new theme need to use crtl+A ? or issit just me o.O

    Nope.. its the code problem.. but its fixed

  11. The stone monster look like the gluttony homunculus from Full Metal Alchemist, especially the lines and circles on the body. Jester’s staff an elemental staff from Maplestory? Bishop partying with hero? =)

    Hahaha I didn’t notice that XD until you mention it up XD

  12. when r u coming to kl again? then we can go for L4D then you can sharpen ur skills on how to effectively kill the witch without needing help from your team mates.. XD

    Hmmm this is a good question..
    Need to see when our Tauke Nio free and when our Tauke Nio wanna see/meet me XD haahhaha

    Seriously how to kill that witch??
    I keep shooting her in the head but nothing happens >.<

  13. haha Taoke Nio not free to choi me today… jz now i called her she say she not free tonight FML…

    anyway… very easy to kill the witch wan… you just either need the auto shotgun or sniper…

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