Farm Town? Happy Farm? Farm?

Jian Akiraceo Rant 56 Comments

Recently the farm application from facebook is poisoning every single female colleagues I know from the office. Almost every breaks, I can hear they discussing bout strawberries, pumpkins, stealing fruits, gold coins and experience.

Gosh…the world is turning around. Back on the old days, it was the guys who are discussing about games while the girls have no ideas what they are. And now the girls are discussing about games while the guys sitting there clueless.

Sometimes I just feel kinda alienated.

I bet there are a numbers of readers here playing this application. Anyone who is playing this, please say Aye!! ^^

Comments 56

  1. Another Aye from me !! ^^ Barn Buddy, Restaurant city & pet society, come join me!!! ^^ ( hehe…

    don’t want to play ler..
    lazy hehehe

  2. still remember my dad say that he didn`t play the facebook by saying it childish, but after searching for friends i suddenly found his name on facebook,you know i scream on the top of my voice O_O.Oven my cats woke up from their sleep

    LOL!! XD

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