Farm Town? Happy Farm? Farm?

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Recently the farm application from facebook is poisoning every single female colleagues I know from the office. Almost every breaks, I can hear they discussing bout strawberries, pumpkins, stealing fruits, gold coins and experience.

Gosh…the world is turning around. Back on the old days, it was the guys who are discussing about games while the girls have no ideas what they are. And now the girls are discussing about games while the guys sitting there clueless.

Sometimes I just feel kinda alienated.

I bet there are a numbers of readers here playing this application. Anyone who is playing this, please say Aye!! ^^

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  1. Aye am 1st!!!!!! MWAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAH


    Anyways, I play FarmVille, coz it’s cute, Farm Town er ok la but not cute. XD Got Playfish Country Story too XD

    Wahaha I have no ideas what are those.. XD
    I play Restaurant city before tho..

    The one and only I play the most is Facebook status wahahaha

  2. ur sis all crazy playing tat games….n now got new 1game is treasure mania all crazy playing tat….i wonder hw big sis can get lvl higher than me while she working, im not??????

    You people siaw 1111111111

  3. Barn Buddy was it?

    I saw a friend of mine playing it. The design and concept looks good.

    But, like all of FB’s other apps, that one will probably die out sooner or later. Lolz.

    Games always get replaced eventually.. 🙂
    But good games will always be good whenever you play it back no matter how long it is 😀

  4. I used to play until my company banned facebook site lol.
    Anyway, you’re in my football team for facebook football manager game :P.

    What post I’m in? Am I good? 😛

  5. Aye!! Farm ville and country story also!!!

    Hmm can someone make a miaostory so everyone can addict to miao? LOL

  6. Well…. my mom and bro does tht too. Makes no sense to me…. I think its a waste of time and I chose not to enter the world of farms and pets in fbook because yea, i see ppl get addicted and i dont want to. hhe. just avoiding what might be when i see it is a negative one.

    Hahaha.. imagine everyone in the family is talking about farm over the dinner XD

  7. Aye! XD Hahaha. I just joined two days ago and surprisingly it’s not a bad game to pass the time. But the sad thing is you have to be EXTREMELY patient to wait for the crops to grow and for you get money to buy anything. Especilly in the other farm facebook game Farmville. That one… =3= You have to wait EVEN longer.

    You should try playing it during breaks too. It’s quite a fun game if you have the patience. ^______^

    There is no internet in the office hahaha XD and I have no much time for it either.

  8. Couldn’t understand why facebook’s applications are such welcomed (high demand). Not only female is addicted on it, guys will do.

    I have no idea too.. (who play Heroes and Restaurant City and some other games I can’t remember the names before)

    Hmm.. Casino Poker is nice 😛

  9. yalor… i also received a lot of invitations.. ==” i am not keen on farming…so i ignored all… hahaha

    btw, comment box look nicer 😀

    Hahaha I ignored everything beside friend request LOL

    Well thanks. Gonna re-edit it later

  10. i dont play farm in fb.. =.=”
    In fact, i dont play anything… So, i dont understand when my friends said about pumpkin too.. =.=”

    My colleagues are talking farm language nowadays too @@

  11. ya…ya..saye ade jgk kwn2 yg asyik ckp psl dorg ade ‘farm’, bole curik tanaman org laen, ade anjing utk jage farm diorg, curah air+ letak serangga kt farm org laen…and so on..

    and then, ade kwn saye ajak maen game tu tp saye xnak sbb takut nti addicted mcm diorg jgk. hehe

    another reason = saye suda addicted dgn game pet society — one of the app from facebook also~ lalala~

    LOL dah addict dgn pet society XD saye ingat apa hahaha

    erm….org laen sumer komen in english.. xpe kan saye nk letak komen in malay? awk fhm kn? =)

  12. Lolx, i understand how you feel.
    A lot of my friends are adicted to that game too. XD
    Wonder when will it go way. =P

    When some better game came out

  13. nah. used to play. but it got me a bit addicted so I stopped and haven’t touched any fb game application since haha

    Hahaha good what, you still manage to stop XD

  14. My coursemate even totally crazy in this game .
    When her internet down , the only thing she will do is , call asap to us so that to help her go to her facebook account to sell her fruits ….

  15. NAI. Find it so annoying, mainly cause my MOM’s playing it and she’s asking me to let her use my acct cause she ‘can’t get enough of it’. Omg the world is turning around. *phails*

    Roller Coaster Kingdom on the other hand, isn’t too bad. :p

    LOL i dont want to know i dont want to know 😛

  16. Aye!! Farmville mania here !! Almost fired coz attend to Farmville only 😛 C’mon add me as neighbor in Farmville ler !! I wan more neighbour to earn coin and getting idea on designing my farm 😛

    *pretend dunno* LOL

  17. Hahaha..Meow seriously!I love this post!I feel alienated also sometimes..when ppl keep discussing it on FB…i was like…’Walao…wake up in the midnite to check on the farm?’ What sia!..hahahaa

    Hahaha same man same1!!

  18. 🙂 i also got play farmtown or farmville (try to imagine the whole company ppls play in the office and discuss so loudly when boss not in the office). However, sometimes very hard to load the game…

    JUST remember don’t caught by your boss when playing in office

    Else he will steals your pumkins too !!!

  19. aye… and nay… hahahaha i play Farm Town…. but untill lv 10 only… then i got bored of it. =.= now playing mafia wars, Restaurant City and Ghost trapers. care to join me? 🙂 add me to ur group ahahahahaha (

    *lol thx miao for this post =) giving me chance to recuit ppl to join my force ahahahahahaha 😀 anyway nice new layout u got here 🙂

    Don’t want!!

  20. Lol, my frenz are crazy at this game…..-___-||
    i dun play it at all, cuz i find it boring……

    Hahaha usually it gets addictive when you try it hands on..

  21. Aye!
    Hi miao miao!
    Have been reading ur blog for quite awhile.
    Very interesting.
    I likey! 😀

    Meowww thank you~~~~ hehehe ^^

  22. hahaha~ i play all kind of farm games.. Farmville, Farmtown, Sunshine Ranch, Barn buddy, Happy Farm, Country Story.. hahaha~

    You do like farming a lot ahahah

  23. Yeah, I put you as my main striker. You must have been a fierce cat. you scored 19 goals in 15 matches 😛

    Woahh I’m good! Tho I’m more of a defender person wahaha

  24. hi…i m one of ur silent reader….^^
    and yes….i play farm towm…..=p
    oppps….i think its time for mi to go harvest my crops….


  25. AYE!!!!! XD
    I play FarmVille, Farm Town, Restaurant City, Castle Age, Mafia Wars and Vampire Wars.
    fb is so addicting *A*

    @@ I just play status and wall XD

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