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Jian Akiraceo Festive Season 31 Comments

Pafu is back

pafu is back-1

pafu is back-2

According to Lunar Calendar or Chinese Calendar, we currently having the 7th month of the year which is also the month of ghost. A monthΒ  where the realms of Heaven and Hell will be opened, it is said that the realms is open on the beginning of the month and fully opened on the 15th of the month, the day of Ghost Festival.

It was told that the chances of meeting ‘friends’ from other realms are higher in this month compare to othersΒ  due to this and its better to take some precautions to avoid meeting beings from other realms especially for those who are traveling on this coming 3-days Merdeka holiday.



As for me, I do not celebrate Ghost Festival but I do believe the existence of other beings beside us, such as devils, gods, ghost, protoss, aliens, miao, zerg, terrans, scrin… LOL XD

But whether you believe or not, I think its better to take some precautions unless you like to bump into them. *Garsp*




Anyway, here are some Do and Do Not Do stuffs I heard.

– Do knock before entering a hotel room.

– Do Not arrange your sandals/shoes in position in the hotel room. Let it as messy as possible.

– Do Not let the other bed to be empty when you sleep if you have more than one bed in the hotel room.

– Do Not call names in the forest/jungle. Use nicks or numbers or even your blog address LOL.

-Do Not show your Bible/Amulets/Holy things out in the hotel room. Its like showing a knife in someone else house. You can bring them but keep it in.

– etc. Filled in the blank…

Come share any rules or practice that you heard before with us. ^^

pafu is back-4

Anyway, someone is coming back. πŸ™‚



P/S: The wheel did not really move on its own.

P/S: And yes I miss Pafu.

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  1. Hello miao. Yeah I think Pafu came back to visit you all. You must be dreaming of Starcraft when you writing about the “things” around you πŸ˜›

    HAhaha just watch the Blizzcon XD

  2. Haha, one thing, if terran do exist, we are terran ma. Lol. And Wafu might turn into Zerg while Miao, umm captured by Protoss to do some ana* probing experiments etc. Haha

    Don’t stop your car when you see something on the highway.
    Some one told me ‘cincai’ pee around is a big no-no during this month, find a toilet or get a bag/bottle to do it. Forget why d.
    Go to temple when something is not right, when suspect someone is possesed, go to temple, its a gateway so they can’t enter, but don’t go out after that, seek the monk’s help. (True story told by my teacher)

    I see i see… thanks for the tip ^^

  3. swt.. luckily i came bk from outstation jor… else it wil b scary!!! when 7th month of chinese calender come, i always ask myself not to think or look around too much especially at nite.. who knows, someone is……. okay! i don wanna think or talk about it… but yest i noticed when i am inside de toilet, i heard someone open de other toilet door. but when i come out, there’s no one….. EHHHHMMMMMM…..

    You think too much!!

  4. Wow, means maybe Pafu paid you a visit.
    Really miss Pafu. So at night put flour on the floor.
    Maybe next morning you can see footprints. XD

    Woahh that would be creepy… when you found more prints hahah

  5. Haha I think of Pafu too when you mention about zit zit in that wheel. Lol most important don’t boast about you not afraid of “ghost” coz it will juz bring ‘them’ to you. Lessen night time trip!!

    Yeah.. me too..

  6. ^^’ here’s some that i know from my friends when am back in sabah…

    – always make your bed after waking up… if u sleep on the metress on the floor… do fold them up when u wake up… if not there might be someone sleeping there later… >…< after that… i always position my metress in the middle of the room… where my leg will not point at any exit…

    there is alot more of this DOs and DON'Ts that i herd… but i guess it'll be too long if i post it here lol :p

    quote form Skol:
    "Some one told me β€˜cincai’ pee around is a big no-no during this month, find a toilet or get a bag/bottle to do it. Forget why d."

    -coz u might accidently pee on 'someone'…. =.=||| that sound nasty…

  7. erm…i see too many (don’t)s rather than (do)
    any (do) suggestion?? well, how about praying for our ancestor?? my family have done that for years and years ago, like tradition..

    ps : is that really happen? what make the wheel move? pafu??

    Hmm don’t know.. I don’t really follow the tradition XD
    Hmm nope.. it didnt as i said it LOL

  8. haha, although i am active in fb, but i still dunno how tp make a good use with the features…hmmm, may i add u in fb so that u can reply to my image? XD haha or alternative way? πŸ˜›

    Please do please do

  9. wen u smell something is very nice…dont say it out…it may be that ‘thing’ especially when there’s no one around u…

    I thought its smelling something bad

  10. Don’t talk or sing to yourself alone…you’ll incidentally invite “guess” to listen.

    Wrong words can cause “them” to go angry. Right words will make them stay around you longer, if not forever.

    Don’t answer any unfamiliar voice. Doing so makes “them” think you are “their” friend.

    Don’t brag about cat got nine life. You are challenging “them”.

    Hmm I did those alot wor..
    singing and talking alone hahah

  11. Put Wafu in another container and leave alot of food in the old one… be shocked when you see that it disappears… (but Wafu might CAGEbreak and steal food πŸ˜›


  12. your last picture just touched me in the midnight when i took a break during my work on writing my novel… ^_~…

    Hahaha πŸ˜›

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