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Seri Nyonya

Few Saturdays back, the PR manager from Equatorial Hotel Melaka called Jasonmumbles up and invited him for a food tasting at Seri Nyonya, an award winning Nyonya restaurant which is located right insideΒ  Equatorial Hotel itself.Β  This time he was asked to invite some others bloggers to go with him and I happened to be one of them. ^^

Seri Nyonya-1


We were given a bowl of peanuts while waiting for the food.Β  At the mean time, the PR manager, Chris briefed us about the restaurant and the Nyonya chef who is behind it. It appeared that the Chef is a real Peranakan and prepares all her dishes like how she did it at home to preserve the originality of the taste.

After a while, the food is ready and served. Here are the dishes we had that day.

P/S: I did not had my camera that day, so all the credits for the photos goes to Jasonmumbles.


Asam boi with Lychee: – A nice sour drink to open up the appetite with some lychees to chew at. My first time to have semboi drink with lychee. Something strange but nice. πŸ˜›

Otak-otak: – Personally I like this more than Muar Otak-Otak, I never did like Muar’s otak-otak unless I can regrilled them myself. Anyway, its quite good and taste a bit different from others. From what I heard, the Chef made everything from scratch. Original! πŸ˜€

Popiah:- Like how Jasonmumbles said there’s something missing in the Popiah.

Sop Hee Peow:- A soup made out dried fish bladder, mixed vegatables, fish balls and eggs. No comment on the soup tho as I didn’t manage to have a bowl of it. T___T They forgot about my portion.

Cincaluk Omelette:- I never had this before back in Kuching. I guess its either a Nyonya dish or a Melaka local dish.

Deep Fried Fish Fillet:- Wooohoo I like this! I like fried stuffs. Some more its fish!! πŸ˜› nice~~~

Ayam Buah Keluak: – I think this is not a dish anyone can handle. The chicken meat was okay but the Buah Keluak tasted weird, nothing like what I tasted before. I was told the preparation of this dish is not easy as the Buah Keluak (Black Nuts) is a poisonous fruit to begin with and the chef need days to remove the poison from it. And I would like to apologize here for not finishing the dish that took so much work to make. πŸ™

Mixed Vegetables:- The cat don’t eat vege. Nuff say. Lalalalala~~ *dance*


PongTeh Chicken:- A must have dish, the Pongteh chicken.Β  Not bad I would say but I prefer it to be thicker and more gravvy but Jason begs different. πŸ˜›


Lemak Nanas Prawn:- This is the win!! Oh.. I just love this dish a lot!! I just love the thick milk taste with every slurp taken followed with a bit of spicyness in it. Woohoo.. Nice~~ Not forgetting the fresh prawns~~ Aww.. I’m missing it already. *tears*

Cendol:-As for dessert, we had cendols but it didn’t turn out good. It lacked a bit of coconut milk in my opinion.

Seri Nyonya-2

I’m not really a proffesional in this field like JasonMumbles but overall it was nice and with a some changes it can be better .Β  Neither less it was a satisfy lunch. πŸ™‚ I would like to thanks both Jason and Equatorial Hotel for it!! By the way, please visit Jason’s post for a better review of it.

Seri Nyonya-3

I had another round of lunch after that as someone happened to be in Melaka that day. Hehehe

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  1. Tehorphin: *nods and agrees* YOU WERECAT!!! PREPARE TO DIE!! (in veges XD)*helps to stuff veges in Miao’s mouth*

    Noooo you guys are evil ><

  2. eh Miao, should be γ―γ˜γ‚γΎγ—γ¦γ€‚:P

    Argh I miss out one word @@

  3. restaurant itu halal ke meow. balik cuti raya sy nak cuba. kalau halal lah. my hometown di masjid tanah. tat cencaluk yummy. miri punya cencaluk tak sedaaappp!!!

    Halal!! πŸ˜€

  4. bloated miao looks extremely cute! so much of tasty food. I am hungry looking at your food. I am licking the monitor now!!! πŸ˜›

    Ohh gosh that’s crazy hahaha XD
    Oh wait you are crazy in the first place XD

  5. Wah, MSG MSG MSG MSG…eveywhere! Not good for cat lah.

    Miao going botak later…”Botak Cat”


    LOL nowadays there are msg everywhere

  6. Lol, that’s right. So I’m going to stuff more veges in his mouth. XD
    Some veges help to grow hair.
    *evil grin* *Stuff more veges in Miao’s mouth*

    Garghhh nooooo

  7. ngaidi~~~ order so much can finish meh? c beh gao chiak but……whr d food all gone? (u still skinny kok leh)

    Free 1 ma XD don’t care!
    I also dunno where they went wahahah

  8. the buah keluak takes some gettin used to… at first I din quite like it but afterwards i realised if i mixed it with d curry n rice it tastes not too bad… first time I had it was in malacca too.. abt 2 xmas’ ago…

    after such a heavy lunch u can go eat chick rice ball again ka… *geng*… i jeles… u can eat so much n dun put on weight… πŸ™

    Hahaha I do put on weight.. just I lose them quite easily too LOL

  9. Hey, if you like the Pong Teh to be thick, it should be in p*rk. Hehe.
    Thats what we always have during CNY, and I didn’t see Itik Tim there too, it is a very good dish to try. Loved otak and Pong teh. hehe

    Never try that before.. all this while I eat chicken 1.

  10. waaaaaahhhhh fffooooddd ne!!!!!! but so pity… jz can see, but cant eat…. :'(

    i’m hungry now T____T

    y u dint gain on weight de??? so jealous ne!! wats ur secret ha?? πŸ˜›

    Hmmm no secret lor.. maybe my digestion system is good

  11. Keluak is an aquired taste like petai I guess. I don’t fancy it myself too much either. I am so heading there for a meal next time! BTW, you kitties sure love your fish! *Grins!

    I don’t like petai too hahaha

  12. wow, nyonya food eh! I wan to work there! XD I studying hospitality and super interested in this. And I just saw my cikgu left you a comment. Rupanya u pun kat sini ye cikgu~ kirim salam ^^

    Your cikgu is here O.o

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