Monthly Archives: August 2009


My Colleague almost Died from Laughing.

The other day, my colleague saw/read something on her pc and went laughing and laughing. There were even tears coming out from her eyes, and her faces went as red as an apple while grasping for air and laughing.

When she tried to share it…

She started to laugh non stop again… The whole laughing took a few long minutes before she…

Laughing kills :|.

Outdoor Trip

Miao likes Crowded places.

Its so freaky crowded and dark in the club. If I let her continued to grab my shirt, I think my shirt gonna ended up torn. So a cat gonna do what a cat gonna do, right right?  *koff koff koff* ^^”

Okay she didn’t really fainted but I never know someone can actually blush so much.

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