Uncleness is Kicking in!!

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Gargh!!!!! I think I’m turning uncle soon. >.< I just could not make it through 11pm. Around 10pm, I’m starting to yawn and around 1030pm, I’m already asleep. If you notice I’m away, didn’t reply any MSN messages or didn’t find you chat when I always do, I’m so sorry as I already “dead” on the bed. XD

I told my friends about this and they told me even an uncle would not even sleep so early nowadays..

So what that means? I’m an ah Pek??? (Old man) O.o???


There’s another problem… I woke up super early after it.

Hm.. Perfect time for a walk or Tai Chi in the park.

Gosh I’m turning ah Pek!!!

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  1. laaa… sy fikir meao puasa! kalau puasa sure 0900 meao pengsan!
    today my birthday – sj nak inform

    Hahaha yealo..
    Woahh happy birthday1!! 😀

  2. Havent become father sudah mau become uncle?
    Not so fast la ;p

    It is ur body clock setup~

    Usually uncle come first ma..
    I’m an uncle of 2 nephew and 1 niece also hahah

  3. i zzz at 9+pm last night and got up at 4ish to resume my work…too tired cant tahan la have to zzz early…does this means im a aunty? SHUDDUP!!!


    Hahaha.. not consider lar..
    mine like happened everyday

  4. i wan ur biological clock. if only i can sleep so early then my eyebags won’t be terrible anymore

    Hahaha I have eyebags too..from my university life >.<

  5. ok wat!!
    very healthy leh….
    hahaha.. i also like that.. but i am quite happy to be like that.. =.=”
    ok..maybe just sometimes.. =.=”

    Hahaha very healthy lor that’s why uncle XD

  6. haha… i’m not so old yet. slp about 12 or later a bit but wake up 6.30 for badminton then go for work. still alive and kicking!

    u should really take up taichi. you’ll grow younger and sleep later by then. XD!

    woah morning exercise.. how nice

  7. Good for you miao =P. Actually that time is very suitable to sleep. Early to bed early to rise!

    This may be a sign that you’re ready for…papa-hood?

    LOL not so soon lar

  8. You need to adjust your bio clock. Try going out like walking around super market till 12am (Giant/Tesco). It helps when I kena jet lag.

    Lazy to go out ler hahaha

  9. LoL…. So Fast Become Uncle Jor? Haha…. Maybe You Being Working Too Hard This Few Days…. Hari Raya Is Coming Soon Rite? So Go For A Vacation For Relax…. Hehe….. Im Going To Thailand On This Coming Up Hari Raya To Let My Stress Out…..

    Eee didnt’ bring me..

  10. 🙂 my god… such a long time i didn’t sleep at 10:30p.m. (after primary school).. maybe recently you too tired or u feel bored… it’s time to find a new excitement!

    Even primary school I don’t sleep at 10 XD

  11. y not use those time to exercise or do something productive for work?you are then 5 freaking hours earlier than ppl, and million times more productive!! ^^ sadly, i HAVE to wake up that early on weekdays =_=

    I blogged lor XD hahaha

  12. me too…but not like u..althou i am very sleepy, i force myself to stand until 12 midnite or later baru doze off zzz…ZZZ…zzz

    hahaha i might torture myself but it ended up by i getting sleepy in office every day XD

    I did try but failed hahaha

  13. hahaha good lo.. i tot u said u r getting old (the skin condition) then sleep earlier can have good skin and great health.

    tat time you mentioned u can’t do it. now u can already automatically hahaha…

    Hahahaha… my skin is not getting better pun LOL

  14. hahaha like this same…same thing happening to me…..u should add in “yam cha” at kopitiam with a few ah peks and one leg up the chair… XD

    Wahaha yumcha and minum kopi O gao with a newspaper in 1 hand

  15. LOL. I KO out at barely 10.30 too… and then proceed to wake up at 12 something and not sleep until 5. I can’t wake up till 12pm the next day. Sleeping system messed up. >.< Reply:
    Wahh really a mess @@

  16. Aiya early sleep early wake good for healths ah! U haven’t bcome uncle la. Don’t worry ler.. I also quite early sleep and U wanna said I’m auntie ??!!??

    Hi Auntie Fiona 😀

  17. lol better than me a lot lo.. i wish be like u.. now.. in early morning.. i set alarm to wake up early… n when the alarm sound.. i would automatically off it without myself noticing it.. hahaha… even how far i put my alarm.. i also will stand up n walk n off it … still… i din even notice abt it.. till i wake up.. i would ask myself~ i got set alarm a.. y din sound? i got off it meh?

    try tie in up on the ceiling 😀

  18. Hey miao! It’s not so bad after all. Your body and mind get to relax MORE once in a while. I’m sure your normal sleeping habit will start kicking back in soon. Hehe

    Don’t stress don’t stress~


    PS: try catching mouse… KIDDING!

    LOL.. catching Wafu?

  19. Miao, you got your concept so damn wrong!

    It’s good that you sleep and wake up early.

    According to some research, the best time to sleep is from 10pm-6am.

    Most importantly is from 10pm-2am cause our body rest on that time and undergoing regeneration.

    If you dint sleep on that time you body wont regenerate well enough.

    In short, you feeling want to sleep on that time means that you have a good healthy body.

    And it’s definitely not what uncle shit.

    Honestly, I was very awake the whole day next day ^^
    Didn’t even yawn a bit!!!!

    But then its really an uncle thingy but uncle stays healthy ma XD

  20. Eh! Miao.. ada person guna foto you ( meao) untuk komen dalam miricommunity.net. Saya fikir dia miao tapi guna nick Markko 234. Ini langgar hak cipta. pergi siasat miao.

    Nevermind free advertisement of miao XD

    But there’s a person in miricommunity using my nick..akiraceo >.<

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