Happy Birthday to Me!!!!

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Happy Birthday Miao

Happy Birthday Miao-1

Happy Birthday Miao-2







Happy Birthday Miao-3

And there’s how Miao came to this world 24 years ago!! ^^ Yeah!! Its my birthday~~~ Woohooo! And exactly around this time… Wahahaha…

Happy Birthday Miao-5

Compare to last year, this year it was totally different!! As I have you all!! I received soooo much Birthday wishes over the Twitter, Facebook, SMSes and Calls. ^^ So happy can die!!!!

And I even purposely go and call some of my close friends and make they wish me Happy Birthday! Wahahahaha..

So what did I get this year?

– a free meal from my colleagues at a Korean Restaurant

– a Birthday Ang Pow from my eldest Sister!!

– a nice awesome gift from Johnny Walker!! Will let you guys about it soon ^^

– a dedicated Birthday post for me by Stephanie ^^

and not forgetting these two awesome gift from my two readers.



Gosh~ *tears* they went through all those hard work just for my pressie. *touched*

Muax!! Love you guys so much!!!




Any words from the birthday cat? Hmmm….

Like how they all say I’m all Grown up d and now a Big Boy d. LOL

Happy Birthday Miao-4

but I can’t see any difference LOL!!!!

Anyway, Happy Birthday to me!! 😀

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  1. Happy Birthday for you! Haha! My best friend, Eze who draw for you! 😀 About you to be king! ^ ^ It is good! He draw me ugly b4! T_T I cannot comment and dun wan him d 😛

  2. hapi birthday to you,
    hapi birthday to you,
    hapi birthday,
    hapi birthday,
    happpppiiiiiiiii birthdaaayyyyyy toooooooooo MIAOOOOOOOOOOO~~~~~~~~~

    may god bless you..


    It must be great to be so loved!! 😀
    I can only imagine that things will get even better in the upcoming years :3

    Hope you had a wonderful birthday! ! If you’d like to share any presents, I’m always here with open palms! 😀

  4. Dear Miao

    Congratulations! Belated happy Birthday to you. Hope you had (and will continue) to have a blast.

    I really (gazillion times over) enjoy your blog 🙂

  5. Post

    Yooooo!!!!!!!! Thanks Everyone!!!!!
    For the great wishes, its the most wishes I ever get throughout my 24 years old life~~~

    Muax!!!! Love you all so much!! I will continued to draw and blog k ^^
    Hopefully you guys won’t get bored of it ^^

    **Happy ^^**

  6. May be the last wisher but truly from the heart. Happy Belated Birthday and do keep sharing with us all your lovely work of art.

    Thank you 🙂 I will continue.. and improved..

  7. Happy Belated birthday miao!!sorry for the late wish~
    but it seems u had a great day!!
    will continue be ur blog fansee..n hoping to see more n more of it~~

    Woahh thank you thank you

  8. sory, damn belated. -__-
    happpyyy belatttttteddddd birthdayyyyy! hope u had a great time! =)

    I dont mind belated pressie 😀

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