A SuperCar ride with Mika Hakkinen

Ride with Mika Hakkinen

Remember when I said I received a birthday gift from Johhnie Walker previously? Actually on my birthday that exact day, I received a call from Nuffnang, I was informed that I won the Join the Pact contest with my Drink and Drive killing Cockroach post. So its like a birthday present for me. XD

Seriously, I really didn’t expect I would actually gonna win it. And with all the excitement of winning going on, I was really kinda worry too. Hahaha…

Ride with Mika Hakkinen-1

ride with mika hakkinen-5

Maybe I watched Final Destination and Happy Tree Friends too much XD.

Normally I don’t even ride on a roller coaster and thinking that I gonna actually ride on a Supercar that capable of accelerate from 0 to 100mph (160km/hour) in 5 seconds and with top speed of over 200mph (321km/hour) kinda creeps me out!

A friend told me that they would probably accelerate  to higher speed in a longer time instead of 5 seconds since we all are not well trained…but

Ride with Mika Hakkinen-2


Ride with Mika Hakkinen-3

Mika really stepped on the pedal and let it went. Gosh! Its really makes me more nervous and all my cold sweat came out right away after seeing this.

My friend even asked me not to do this when I’m on the ride…

hit mika

Gosh imagine if something like this happened.. @@ I think I gonna killed by all his fans..

Oh wait I think by then I already dead from the Crash. Wahahahaha…




Anyway after a super long wait, I was suited up and readied for the ride of my lifetime.

miao in suit

miao in full suit

Get in the SuperCar

Getting in the car and getting myself buckled up.

P/s: Sorry for the poor video quality and seriously I need to get a better phone. @@

P/P/S: I will get some more better videos later on from my friend. 🙂

Video Updated:

Ride with Mika Hakkinen-6

LOL as soon as I replied Mika Hakkinen’s thumbs up sign, he stepped on the pedal even harder and let the whole car went even faster. Lol…I think he purposely did that. hahaha

During the ride, I managed to take a peek at the speed meter on his steering and found out we were cornering at a speed of 99-100mph (160km/hr)!! But the ride was so fast that making the 99-100mph (160km/hr) cornering feels slow.

Too bad, I didn’t managed to check the reading on the speed meter when it went down the straight road but I guessed the speed might be around 200mph (300+km/hr ) which is somewhere near the car’s top speed of 220mph.




The ride was so awesome that most of the passengers came down from the ride speechlessly.

On the start before suiting up, I was quite nervous, but later on I actually hoping the ride went longer and went for another few more rounds with even higher speed. It was just too awesome!!

One and half round is just not enough! RAWR! But then, one and a half is better than none right?

Seriously, I need to thanks both Nuffnang and Johnnie Walker for this great contest and opportunity!! Its really the ride of my lifetime. Woohooo… The fastest and most expensive car ride…

Ride with Mika Hakkinen-4

with the world champion as the driver!! Hehehe..

P/S: Oh by the way, do remember to sign up and Join the Pac for not drinking and driving, k!


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