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Wooohooo!! Do come and register as soon as possible as the free exclusive All American Rejects concert tickets will be given out on a first come first serve basic!!

Hohohoh.. no worries about that as there is another alternative way to get the tickets! ^^
Just click this WIDFM(Facebook) and WIDFM(Friendster) which stands for “What I’ll do for music”. It’s a Facebook and Friendster application that allows you to trade favors with buddies and in exchange for All American Rejects tickets!!

Awesome right? That’s means MORE tickets to the DiGi Music Live Concert!

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Comments 26

  1. LOL. Ur promoting for DiGi huh? =P
    Anyways, I’m going to the concert! So excited!!!

    Eeeeee i wanna go too..
    yep doing promotion haha

  2. wah who is the mermaid? lol! becareful hor! later she throw you all kind of fishes. and then you eat until bloated 😛

    Just a mermaid on the sea XD
    hahahah no worries .. my mummy always say never take things from strangers XD

  3. o.O we have telepathy…today i drew a mermaid for my brother’s birthday also…what a coincidence!!

    pity on your mermaid, not needed anymore…XD

    Fu wahh..
    come i think of a number….and you think one too..
    lets see its the same or not. 😀

  4. Hi, sorry a bit off topic here. Could you send me an email to sgbluechip@gmail.com? I have an advertising company willing to place an advert on your blog. Fees will be paid upfront. Do let me know if you are keen.
    Do indicate your blog address when you email me. Thank you!

    I will send you an email tonight k 🙂

  5. I am a diehard Digi supporter! Been using Digi for almost 10years now… 🙂
    Kuching is always more popular with Digi….
    Creative blog meow…. 🙂

    Yep! Kuching is dominated by Digi ^^

  6. Great post, Meow. Never knew that using cartoons it’ll be so much fun reading an advert. Keep up the good work!

    Thank you~~ ^^ I will I will

  7. How can I cancel my subscription to this Digi music ah ? I remember have to type something via sms but i forgot dy.

    You can try check out the website. I think they got state how to cancel it. I also forgot XD

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