My Wife’s Butt Got Kissed Again.

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The other day, I was too concentrating on the GPS. I forgot to pull my handbrake and the car slipped backwards without noticing. After that it was all honing and honing and ended with a Bang!

Surprisingly, there were no scratch at all again (Previous accident) . LOL Seriously not even a tiny winy scratch or paint off.

I was wondering…

Maybe the cars casings were too soft to lay any scratch or maybe the crash was too slow and soft or…


stopping the crash. LOL

I believe its Pafu doing. Hahaha..

P/S: The cars involved were Saga BLM and Viva.

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  1. lesson to learn : GPS can be dangerous if you rely too much on it.Better study the road earlier lar ………

    KL is too complicated to study in a night XD

  2. U’re very lucky… I think it’s because of ur car slides slowly in backward direction. Hence, the impact is not big and significant.

    Pafu is protecting u perhaps. Haha…

    I guess so too.. I couldn’t even notice the slide..

  3. so lucky lerh,. mayb ur wife’s butt a bit soft so there’s no damage? hehehhe.. i tried once also, but i bang other ppl’s butt… lucky no damage.. but the aunty face very sour…

    I guess so too.. wahh no damage still sour face @@

  4. You are the third person whom I knew to be involved in a car accident within this 2 days… >..< Do be careful and drive safely!! Reply:
    Will do next time ^^

  5. Lol, Miao’s got a guardian angel-hamster. XD

    Your artwork seems cleaner now and sharper now for some reason. I likey! Yay!

    hahaha i did some modifications on it 😛

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