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  1. so do i…i wish time would be 321/100 slown down… hahaha oh gosh how wicked and evil i am…to make ppl complain how SLOW i am causing! XD

    LOL.. that will make working hour super freaking long @@

  2. i’m exactly the same time! Always sleep super late on last day of holiday.

    Tat’s why first day of work sure got dark rings around eyes – then friends will ask why when i holiday even more tired than not holiday

    Hahaha meaning there’s no resting day at all..
    working day we work..
    holiday we play XD

  3. heheh i tend to sleep late during holiday too.. and will be extra late on the last day.. and will definately wake up late on the first day of after holiday heheheh πŸ™‚

    Hahaha same same XD

  4. hahaha.. i did nominate you cos I think that the cartoon will took a lot of effort.

    Really hope tat you can win. Will fully support you.

    congrat for being nominated. Anyway, the trip is still worth it, even though you might not win at last. hahaha… ^_^

    Yep! The trip really worth it ^^
    My first trip to SG!!
    Hopefully nothing happens so i can really go.

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