Early Bird gets the Worm…not anymore..

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Seriously this is the first time I see a bird have a lizard for meal @@. Its quite surprising for me as I always thought little bird eats insects, worms or seeds etc only. Nothing till the level of reptiles with bones and bloods. Its just a tiny winy little cute bird >.<


and there goes the beautiful image of birdy in my heart…




And I was always thought that birds are insect’s enemies but this vid shows otherwise.

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  1. Blame the lizard for waking up so early.. HaHa.. So the phrase ‘early bird gets the worm’ doesn’t apply to the lizard.. XD

    I guessed the lizard also didn’t see that coming wahahaha

  2. eh, its not everyday you see the food chain in action! i wanna see too!

    Hahaha it is everywhere..
    For example: The boss eats the employees hahaha

  3. emmm… the video is so so.. omigosh… morbid… :O
    mantis eat birdie… birdie eat lizard… either way… it jz sounds so un-appetizing… (>.<) Reply:
    Hahaha and the humans eat all of them @@

  4. ….i used to feed my fish lizards… they juz getting more and more at home =.=… making me sweep their dungs all the time…

    Reply: >.< how big is your fish?

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