The Day I buried Wafu

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Meow: Thanks guys for the condolences.. Hopefully Wafu manages to received all the warming words from you all. Like Pafu’s post, I would like to let the comments as they are. Thanks again guys for the caring and supports.

The day I buried Wafu

The day I buried Wafu-1

I still remember it was raining on that morning as if the Sky is crying for him and I took him down in the late evening when the rain stopped to bury him. When I reached the place, I was shockΒ  to find out there were 2 trees side by side.Β  And I kinda forgot which tree I buried Pafu.

The day I buried Wafu-2

in a special way.

Hehe I was just joking, I remembered his tree in the end.

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  1. OMG, if u just simply and blindly choose the tree, but what if the tree is wrong, so wafe and pafu cant be reunited..hahaha

    hopefully they can be reunited and be happy playing together in golden heaven XD

    Hahaha I remember the tree in the end πŸ˜›

    i think

  2. RIPγ€€ο½—ο½ο½†ο½•γ€€ο½ο½Žο½„γ€€ο½ο½ο½†ο½•οΌŽ


    I feel bad πŸ™

  3. Special way??????………. dont tell me u pee at the tree…….. hahaha….. jk…….
    May both of them rest in peace…….
    I will miss Wafu and Pafu alot…….. T_T sob……..

    Of course not!
    They will be in our heart always

  4. ini miny miny mony more! Mangali love you =P haha Just bury in the middle of the two trees la =P

    Like that, Wafu would be far from Pafu..
    I want them to be side by side

  5. bro, lucky the trip still there, if the tree gone, how oh? you should set GPS to mark down the exact location oh!

    anywhere, WAFU and PAFU finally can reunited and laugh at you in heaven!

    cheers up, bro!

    Wahh if the tree really gone I think Pafu will too.

  6. Hahaha thanks for cheering us up with some joke after losing them yourself. V should be da one cheering u up! Remember In future add a post bout them as angel k!

    Will do will do.. they will still show up pretty often as usual

  7. *hugs* don’t be so sad k? wafu and pafu will always be with us in our mind. seriously, i never felt so much for other people’s pet. u blogged with them.. they made a huge imprint in my brain.

    hope they will rest in peace. β™₯

    Thanks for the hug πŸ™‚
    I will be okay eventually unless I go read back post about them.

  8. hmm love the way you blogged bout burying Wafu. =)
    obviously you’re sad but you handled it by being happy ! hehe

    will continue to support ur blog Miao!! haha ^^
    cheer up

    Thanks Melo.
    I think we all are.. πŸ™

  9. Yea, at least Wafu gets to RIP thanks to the good pet owner.
    And Pafu too will have a buddy there! All of us will definitely remember them!! ^^

    I’m really happy that everyone gonna remember them :’)

  10. Hey, so sorry to hear that.. It’s always fun to read your blog, would you continue your comic strips?

    Thanks. I will.

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