What had happened to the Cats???

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Trained cat

trained cat-1

trained cat-2

I always like cats because they are so cool. They only do things when they wanted to, like playing, eating etc… and never ever to the will of the humans.

Things have changed. The other night, I actually witnessed a cat jumped on to a car and lay down as ordered by its owner. @@

But that’s nothing compare to this…

OMG!!! Now you can bribed cats to do tricks with food. >.<

Gargh!! Food is the root of all Cats evil!!

P/S: On the side note, I think I youtubing too much lately 😛

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  1. its coz u r not obedient cat XD..or i think u r jealous of that cat coz u never have own owner XD

    Cats are not suppose to listen to the humans!!

    Humans are not owners! They are partners/members..
    No one own the cats! Noooo… >.<

  2. haha ! maybe it’s cos you don’t wanna be bad you just want a human to make you obedient … or maybe that cat must relli love it’s human XD !!

    hahaha the cat just love the food XD

  3. nooooo! miao i’m on the same side with you! i love cats but cats should not be doing tricks! they are supposed to stand and leave when we ask them to sit!

    Yeah!! Cat are not supposed to do tricks >< Its sooo wrong.. let the dogs do them 😛

  4. hahah…well…logically if you can train tigers, i dont see why u cant with domesticated cats 😛

    You can but its soo wrong.. to make cats do tricks 😛

  5. 🙂 bro, just admit it! face the truth! When you boss ask to come and do works or rushing projects… your situation just like the cat oh!

    Miao! miao! come come! sit in front of pc! do works! hahahaha!

    *ignore and go to the toilet*
    LOL XD

  6. lols… it is possible to train cats… hv u seen cats guarding over a stranger in the hse? i hv. my friend’s 3 cats wud all sit surrounding me (one on top, left n right) n watch my every move… if i so much as pose a threat to the owner i’ll bet they’d jump on me (not that i wud like to try)… i used to hv a little kitty once… it’s so obedient that i cud take him to starbucks n hv a cuppa wit my fren n he’d sit on my lap obediently n not run off… no leash ah mind u… 😀

    I know.. my cat is very well trained too..
    but to train a cat to do tricks seems soo wrong.. for me 😛

  7. I own 7 cats (indoors) …2 outdoors.
    They answer by name and knows how to return together when called during dinner. Knows how to Go back into cage during night after many attempt of training.

    Only one follows me old folks for walk.
    The rest are too scaredy cat to leave the house.

    Bengal are known to be one of the intelligent breeds so am not surprised it can be trained.

    You shld check out the cat guy who used to roam in Bukit Bintang. Trains his cats to stay on his bike all day. ALL OF THEM!

    hehe my cats do that too except the cage part as I don’t keep them in cages…

    Anyway, doing tricks still seems soo wrong to me 😛

  8. Nothing’s imposibble!! Mayb V can have a pet like Garfield and Odie! Cute and loyal!! 😀 😀

    Hahaha not bad what having Garfield and Odie as pets XD Lol

  9. i think the owner didnt feed her pet and called the cat to do such things…
    the cat must be thinking:
    How stupid am i… im gonna break out of here!

    Bwahahaha maybe this is just a show to cover up his master plan of running away XD

  10. ….

    *went to friend’s house which is full of cats… then started calling some cats… “shiro~~…. temari~~…. sit! lay! roll over! hi fi!” XD hahahahaha

    *shiro, go prepare dinner; temari, go prepare some tea for our guest…*

  11. cats are supposed to be carefree.,not trained.. =P dogs are humans’ best friend so they need to be trained.,cats can live on their own =D

    High Five!!!
    You speak cats! 😀

  12. miao~ miao~ hands!! ( miao give hand)
    nice kitty (pat pat)
    arghhhh!@$@#$@ (miao just bite my hand)

    lolz! Well i never knew that cats can do dog things, nice info miao 😀


    hahahaha XD

    Sigh.. what to do.. humans’ will of control is strong..
    they just want to control, manipulate everything hahahaha XD

  13. …wayne…. there ‘is’ actually some cats play fetch….. =.= have a look at youtube.com. only that they dont fetch frisbees lol.

    Seriously? nooooo

  14. Actually, dog is taught using dog treats too as to encourage the dog to repeat the same trick again and again until they are able to understand the command.

    Ya.. dogs always seem to be the servants of food XD
    They would do anything for food XD

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