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  1. haha…kesian ur laptop kena blame. i owez like that when i was doing my final year project. end up redo the whole calculation….haiz…

    Wahh if FYP didnt save.. i think i will bang my head and die XD

  2. lols. dangerous way of saving haha. dat happens to me at times. haha. especially when it’s few hours of work, I’ll be extremely cautious lols

    Sometimes I didn’t notice I didn’t save it hahaha

  3. The best way for miao is to save first before you do the design; while designing, you can keep multiple version of your design. Then in that case; you can publish your post safely

    Yealo.. now keep saving a lot of version XD

  4. Aiyoh~ So cham~ Nvm, this can sharpen your drawing skills too..Practise makes perfect right!

    Can’t wait to see your next post…wakakakak!

    Have a couple of posts I wanna draw and post…
    but kinda pack with stuffs to do >.< Sigh..

  5. T__T it happens to me too… a full draft of essay written… then… “save?”

    i clicked “NOOOOOOOOOO” =.=

    Lol.. same blur like me hahaha XD
    Then end up shouting nooo with it hahaha

  6. LOL it happens on me also
    feels like dying when need to rewrite or redo the stuff T.T
    the worst part is tat sometimes i even forgot to save de codes tat i wrote T.T

    Very lazy wanan redo the same thing always hahaah πŸ˜›

  7. Lol that uber sucks.

    I always hit the ctrl+S button every minute or so when drawing on photoshop. Useful habit~. Wheeee~ ^_^.

    A habit I need to learn from you ^^

  8. LOL……. Same here bro….. i always forgot to save it when finish….. I think u spend too much hour sitting at there become blur jor….. @@”

    I always blur 1 hahaha XD

  9. haha…. i also tend to forgot to save my things sometimes…. but mine task aren’t too complicated….. i guess u have too much to think at your head

    πŸ˜› kinda lor..
    I always have stuffs in mind.. and mostly my miao XD

  10. bro, always remember this command! ctrl + S for save and ctrl + Q for quit program! But for me if this happen to me, i just shut down my pc, on my nitendo WII and start to kill some ppl! hahaha!

    I usually end up cursing with a lot of foul words xD wahaha

  11. yeah! this happened to me a few times also. it gets frustrating when you spend a long time doing something then everything went *poof*. ALL GONE!

    Yealo.. very frustrating ><

  12. haha.. it happened b4 to me.. that y i always save now. If not i will end up crying.. It s kinda frustrating to do the same thing again.. πŸ˜›

    Yealo.. redo the same thing very tiring 1

  13. bwahhahahha… I did that sometimes too, especially when I’m really tired… and when I actually did… I stared at the screen for a very long time and went !$Β£@?!… LOL

    LOL… exactly like how I draw it

  14. Hahahahahahaha sorry Is just too funny the way you tell us…
    Anyway I also did that few times.. I’ll be like a crazy girl cursing around for my ownself stupidity!! πŸ˜€

    Wahahaha bad lar you.. blaming others xD wahaha

  15. that happens to me too πŸ™
    i can’t belive that i haven’t save my file after i close it T___T
    waste time
    waste energy
    waste battery

    Totally a Waste XD

  16. hahaha so cham ah miao. well lucky me i always draff everything on a piece of A4 paper before doing it in the computer… usually by doing this i got more ideas when copying it into the computer =P… and the bad thing is i’ll have to do the same thing twice… and when ppl look at my draft on that paper… they will have a headache lol. plus my handwriting is worse than the proffessor’s πŸ˜›

    Hahaha I also have a bad handwriting XD LOL
    My boss always have problem reading them XD

    I do scribbles a lot.. ^^

  17. Oh dear. This is one of the worst things that could happen at work, especially if you are rushing something !! Sometimes I wish the computer can automatically save the important things. Damned dulan right when it happens like that… have to repeat hours of work again.

    Yealo.. freaking frustated 1..
    now my PC will restart itself suddenly wan, lagi frustated..

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