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  1. wah, don simply meow at people esp female bosses ler. later they thought you ‘gatal’ 😐

    I didn’t know it was her.. she just appeared suddenly behind my cubicle ><

  2. What sort of reply would u give if Jester called? Speaking of which, how come we readers hearing less bout your friend?

    “Yo! ” LOL

  3. hahaha lucky you dont bark!

    Ehh now i do XD
    after I scared the hell out of my colleagues xD with my meow (they’re afraid of cats)

  4. At least if its a lady manager, there’s a chance she might find it cute. If a male…he might laugh it and keep on teasing u about it…

    luckily u dint ask for treat 😛

    Hahaha don’t think so XD
    I bet she didn’t really even notice I meow

  5. Meoww~~Hahaha If that person I know him, I’ll find It cute! If that person I not so close and 1st time see him meow.. I’ll surprise but find It amusing! lol 😀

    Hahaha.. Im a cat what..
    Meowing is a must LOL

  6. lol… u hungry for pussy… cat?? 😛

    btw am going to melaka on 25 Oct… u around?

    catch up with u for cendol wakakaka

    Hungry for fishes 😀
    Not around neh 🙁

  7. HAHAHA! That’s so cute lah! But control control! When my friends call me me I’ll give a very long huuuuuuuuuuuuuuh…? There’s once I was at the service centre for my phone when the lady said Ms Lee? I huuuuuhed.

    She must have thought I’m crazy.

    Lol a long huh .. that’s cute too XD hahaha

  8. hahahaha miao miao now slowly being a trained cat that respond when ppl call his name hahahahaha XD

    LOL later I can performed sit and eat XD

  9. Actually at work I also meow back at my colleagues who called out for me !! But not to the seniors or higher ranked people lah !!! ahahha

    It was an accident >< Wait! You burung!!! why you meow?

  10. HAHAHHAHA!! I used to miao every time i get annoyed.

    There was once i miao-ed at my very old lecturer because he annoyed me with assignments and he miao-ed me back. LMAO!

    LOL why miao when annoyed?
    miao sounds like a happy tone ler

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