Samsung Puzzle Contest

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Samsung Puzzle Hunt

samsung hunt-1

Hehehe… Pafu and I are kinda boring so we go and have a game of hide and seek with Samsung mobiles pieces in Samsung’s latest Hunt for Puzzle Pieces game contest.

samsung hunt

It’s a simple contest where all you need is find the mobile puzzle pieces that is hiding somewhere in the website pages.

Samsung Puzzle Hunt-2

Omg our little Pafu is crying d.
It seems like our little Pafu don’t know where to find them.

Come help Pafu find those naughty Samsung mobile pieces and Miao that are hiding somewhere in the website.

samsung hunt-7

Firstly, you need to sign in your account. (Sign up if you’re not a member yet ^^.)

samsung hunt-4

After that, go and open up the ‘CLUES’ tab. You need to keep this page open because you need to refer to the clues written inside as they are the only clue to each of every puzzle pieces that are hiding up.

samsung hunt-6

All you need to do is just follow the given clues; you will eventually find the mobile pieces hiding there. ^^

Click on it and you will get a pop up like this.

samsung hunt-5


When you completed collecting all the puzzles, you can go in your “My Puzzles” tab to check out the puzzle pieces you collected.

What you can do it put the pieces together to form one finish puzzle or you can collect them as separate puzzle pieces.

Why? Because helping out Pafu, you will get the chance to win…

samsung hunt-3

Samsung’s Latest mobile phone!! 😀

Wakakaka just what I wanted! A TouchScreen phone~~

Come come join Pafu and find the hidden puzzles and hidden Miao!! ^^

Samsung Puzzle Hunt-3

Hmm…I just remember that there are no clues on where to find Miao in the site. So you probably won’t find Miao anywhere in there. XD

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Comments 26

  1. eh? you hiding in wrong place ah? then u should give them a sign…hahaha

    wah, you join contest again… now i know you are freakishly contest hunter XD

    Wahahaha kinda lor 😀

    Actually i’m just letting you guys know about the contest 😀 hehehe

  2. Eh no need play liao. they cheat like mad. i submit 10k+ complete puzzle also lose. i really damm dulan now. i think they just give friends lo

    I don’t think there’s any cheat lor …since you already submit 10k also ler..

  3. mine i play night then i go sleep my bro cont for me. so its non stop. i just found out there are scripts you can run to win

    then those script might win then?

  4. bila nak ke singapura utk asian blogger award ceremony. bawa balik hadiah besar itu ya meow!

    Dah balik ni~
    hahaha XD
    Tapi takde hadiah besar lor

  5. Kellaw, how could u win the samsung Jet? I tot is peckcf won it, CONGRATULATIONS! How many times u submitted? So envy …

    He submitted like 10k @@

  6. phoelix, yes he win. here is what the admin on the facebook fan page says:-
    “Samsung U-nivez
    The 3rd winner is found to be cheating, so he is automatically disqualified.
    Yesterday at 4:57pm · Report”

    yes 10k total submissions

    Gratz man!!

  7. kellaw, why dont you aim for the king of spare piece? isnt is the The omnia is better then jet? how many spare pieces you left?

    I hate those cheater! i played so hard! 🙁

  8. jenny, i had around 20k left. actually what i submitted is less than 10k but close to that. i wanted to go for the omnia but the problem is omnia’s duration is 4 times as long as the single jet one. i dont have that much of time despite clicking every day and night. 10 days is already torturing enough.

    if you have facebook maybe you should see what the last cheater is up to.

  9. 10k– that is a lot man. imagine to complete one puzzle in tera level you need 18 pieces. 10k– you will need 180k– pieces leh and you completed it in 10 days. That is nutz men, you deserve to win it. I dont have the time to sit there and keep clicking day and night, only able to do it during weekend. lol. Anyway, congrats you won the prize.

    i dont get the whole story in the facebook. But i went to the emenang site, you really complain to samsung about the cheater? next time i’ll do the same also if i found that someone cheat. It is so unfair for those who play hard like us. ‘kek sim’. 🙁 . Dont need to feel upset with those people if you did nothing wrong. Real gold doesnt afraid of fire!

    p/s: I have 40k++ spare pieces, dont know i able to win it or not.

  10. kellaw, you should tell those people there are no rules saying you cannot ask your brother to click on behalf. Dont just keep quite, or else they will think that you are guilty.

  11. Yea, no rules saying we cant get helpers, I also asked my frens and sister to help, dunno why the OmniaII winner is not announced yet.

  12. It’s already announced. someone posted the screenshot of the latest winner which is connected to the previous winner who was disqualified. I still think cheaters will win one way or another. I wonder if someone will just complain again this time. maybe to the main company or what.

    I am not affected but maybe they should release the results with the numbers of pieces so people will feel so much better and Jenny, the puzzles are accumulated with time. I accumulated them from the start. that’s why i got so many pieces to send in. I know some crazy fellas will collect from the start for the omnia. That’s why going for one of the 3 prizes should be the best option.

  13. Ya, billywcl won the OmniaII. Kellaw u r rite, they shld let us know how many pieces the winner got. Anyway, this is just a game and only 1 winner is allowed …

  14. Kellaw, i’m not sure it cheater won the prize or not. But after seeing so many bad comment, i just felt dissapointed with samsung only because they are lame in this sense. they got things out of control.

    besides, i cant see anything from the link, is it being removed?

  15. opps, someone just got busted! Somehow is does looks fishy for the grand prize winner. Billy Wong = billywcl ? But i think is better or samsung to reveal the scores board. Or else, how do we know how much pieces we actually lose to the grand prize winner?

  16. Billy wong is indeed billywcl. go google billywcl. it will lead you directly to the facebook account. one single search result. how many people would only appear once on google search result. if he can spend time on the game, he would have definitely spent some good amount of time on other stuffs online yet there is only 1 search result. I also doubt billy is actually a different person.

    the problem is they will never reveal the scoreboard

  17. This contest is BULLSHIT man… i’d collected 1k pieces at first.. it took me hours sitting infront of the computer Clicking that bullshit… i though no body is as desperate as me and maybe some might not know easiest the Way to collect the pieces…

    But i was dead wrong … luckily i saw someone posted thier number of pieces… My GOD … thank god i saw this and quit this game… if not id be sitting infront of the computer 12/7 every DAY for months and STILL LOSE…. DONT they have lives[work etc..]???

    It is realy a serious waste of time…. The winners for the king of spare spieces most probably used auto-click and on it 24/7….. I mean.. Theres no obsticle during the finding Process… It appears on the SAME spot in the SAME page just by logging on and OFF….. It would be the easier auto-click script for Progammers out there…

    It is just a matter of whose internet respond faster towards the clicks…

    It’s also possible for the numbers to be manipulate with CEngine or any other hack wares… [this im not so sure… im just saying]

    Bottomline… this contest is most probably made for Programmers to compete in thier ways of hacking and cheating….

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