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Yesterday when I came back from my Singapore Trip, I found this cockroach in my house…

Gargh!! It was so freaky scary!! It was on the wall some more >.<

I was so afraid that it might flew towards me and thank god it didn’t.  Phew..

P/S: By the way, I will update my SG trip once I manage to steal some photos from other blogs.

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  1. When i was like 5 years old a roach fell from the ceiling and dropped in between my glasses and my eyes. Struggles struggles and flop onto the ground and continued crawling.

    Hohohohoho and I’m still alive today! XD

    And so does the cockroach XD

  2. miao sked of siu keong? Must learn to defend yourself…cannot rely on wafupafu forever you know…

    Faster go take newspaper and start whacking!

    Don’t want!!
    Its juicy >.< Later the juice all came out

  3. There was a time when I woke up having a cockroach on my face. It was dead, I accidentally smacked it while sleeping.. 😛

    Ewwwww!!!!!!! @@

  4. I hate cockroaches too!!! arghs!!!!

    i miss the time when i used to have a cat that eats cockroaches and insects. T.T Anyway, arent u same breed?

    i got a secret weapon for you!!

    Use Magic clean!!!! lols. =Ps

    Ewwwww so dirty..I would not let my cats touch it >.<

  5. oh ya forget to tell u a fun fact that lolliment told me =)

    they sense vibrations. so if you actually stomp ur feet near them, they will run further away from u.

    What if it runs towards me? >.< and I stepped on it while stomping

  6. Uhm… If you see a cockroach you better kill it, otherwise it will lay eggs and spawn more.

    Its the worst when they lay eggs all over the wall. Yuck! >_< Reply:
    …… 😐

  7. har? u scared of it one ar? if i were u i slapped it until it bcome flat like roti canai hahhah with all the internal organ come out in green and yellow hahahh


  8. jeng jeng jeng! crazywrazy is here 😛 aiyah cockroach so small, u so big, just step it till it go heaven la 😛 haha your blog still rocks more than xia xue

    Its so dirty neh >.< No lar.. everyone's blog is special and unique in its own way

  9. Jeng Jeng Jeng~

    Are you sure it’s no longer in your house? *low tone voice*

    Confirm!! no longer in my house…………………………. i think
    Jeng Jeng Jeng!!

  10. i think that thing was seeking for revenge~
    Did you remember you hit one of them while ‘drunk’ 😛

    I was drunk, remember? XD
    So I don’t really remember XD

  11. small keong!!! dun hit my small keong! plz dun kill innocent small keong!!

    my god!! small keong u also scare… how to protect your gf oh?

    Lalalala.. its the gf’s duty to take care of the siu kiong! 😀

  12. huhuhu at home i was always the one to kill the roaches… coz my mom and my elder sister afraid of them…. =.=… lol well i got 2 ways to kill them…

    1) spray them with insect spray (not the one use to kill mosquito… that wont work… use the one that kill ant and roaches =D )….

    2) wack it with my house slipper lol… then throw my slipper to the rubbish bin… along with the dead roach(not squashed… coz the house slipper i usually use is the hotel one… my dad always bring home some when he stayed in the hotel during outstations one =P that’s y i don’t care if i juz throw hahaha)

    3) Leave them alone. 🙂

  13. miao… can’t leave them alone… mom asked me to kill it lol… else it’ll multiply… =.=

    my dad said never kill a life.. we have no right to. XD

  14. wahahahahaha… before this, the cockroach (sili- I made this name) is the scariest ‘thing’ in my life… But I manage to control it.. I had killed many cockroach and it became my enemy… wahahaha..

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