Miao at Nuffnang Blog Award 2009

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It was very crowded!! A lot of people attended like bloggers, medias, celebrities themselves, cat, rabbit, dog, lollipop and even cheese… LOL

Anyway, before the ceremony starts, everyone was hanging out at the registration hall..

So did Miao but…




Sorry for those people who find me keep disappearing without notice.

I also not sure what I’m doing also… then half way sure pulled by someone else.



Anyway, after a while, everyone was asked to enter the ballroom as the ceremony started.




The ballroom was really pretty and grand but for some unknown reasons, I found the stage kinda out of place. 😛

During the opening, a short clip about the history and introduction of Nuffnang and the staffs was played over the projector screen. It was very interesting and hilarious.

After that, we were all served with a 3 course meal while enjoying the award giving ceremony. There were a live band and Magic show in between the awarding sessions. The shows are very entertaining indeed.

As for the award giving session, its different from what I thought and nothing like Grammy Award but hey they did prepare a short clip of nominees before announcing the winner for each category which is like soo cool tho its kinda long.

Anyway, I do like my part in the clip, they animated my Miao ini my banner and made it bounced off by the Golem and flew away! It was so cute!! 😀




In the end, I didn’t won any award but…


The cheering part was really surprising! I never thought there will be so many of you will cheer for me.

Thanks Guys for the Cheers!!


Anyway, here are the winners for the night:

Best Blogshop

Best Food Blog

Best Fashion blog

Best Geek blog

Best Celebrity blog

Best Entertainment blog

Best Hidden Gem Blog

Best original blog design, Most influential and Region’s best blog


and also the winner for the Pringles’ Get Krunch Get Playful Contest.

Here’s the video. Do check it out.

Its done by the super talented Jayleif and his team.

Yep! He’s also one of finalist for the Best Original Blog Design!! Talented right?




I guess that’s all from me.

Do check out the blog posts out there, I think they are more detailed compare to mine. 😛

As for the photos are all courtesy of www.MikeYip.com

P/S: And do let me know if you want to see me in my suit but before that you need to spot me out from the photos above.

I’m in there somewhere 😀 Jeng Jeng Jeng!!


Updated: Jeng Jeng Jeng!!

yat, me, and ken

Told you I’m in the photo XD.

Let’s guess which 1 is me. Hahahaha..

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  1. heheh don shy. your blog veryyy nice. I personally thinks your blog design is better 🙂 nice to meet you :))

    So shy lar.. Never thought there are so many people read my blog >.<

  2. wah like that pula…..clapping can be the source to continuing your blogsite =D

    gambateh yeah! i will always support you..i am sure you will win an award one day!

    Yep! I’m easy to be please XD

  3. You deserve the claps after all the effort you put into this site. Excellent work man…

    .. and you got yourself a date? (refer: littlepolaris)

    She’s in Ipoh.. so far @@

  4. cannot spot u at all in the photos~~

    I also think your blog design is the nicest. Do keep up the good work!

    Hahaha coz I’m showing my back only XD

  5. miao always missing here missing there. Luckily you didn’t missing while with your girlfriend otherwise hohoho. Wow, miao shy shy wor 😛 anyway your best still rock the best!

    I think my friends wanna killed me d @@

  6. wuah…where’s the stage btw LOL..

    Wahahaha XD
    Its small.. eh..
    Let me point to you

    *points* LOL

    The one with red background and pringles written on it..

  7. miao miao no need be shy, i as ur fansi also cheer for u here 😀 so many pretty gal gal that night, did u drool? 😛

    Yeah.. lucky I didn’t flood the ballroom XD wahahaha

  8. Never mind that you didn’t win cos you got very strong competitior…

    So many ppl there, too difficult to spot la…

    Yeah.. they all are very strong and friendly too ^^
    I met some of them.. except xiaxue and phunkiefresh 🙁 too bad

  9. bro, u always the best compare with other! u deserve applause n cheers! dun pretend shy shy oh! got a girl want to date u out already!!!

    Where got..
    You mean Polaris izzit?
    We went out before also LOL

  10. Let me guess, i think you’re the guy back-facing the cam beside Timothy Tiah?

    I’m back facing but not beside Tim XD

  11. GOT! Yat got cheer for you damn loud! But that time I dunno you. So I look at Yat and do “O.O??!!”

    hahaha…but your cat very funny la! So entertaining wan. Wait till the cat tells you about the night about jeng jeng jeng, low tone voice and ping pang waaaa!!! 😛

    Wahahha Yat’s the man!!!!!
    You went O.o?

    I thought you’re the man too!

  12. I’m sad I didn’t get to say a proper hello to you 🙁

    Great post and I wish you the best for the next Nuffnang Awards!

    Kind regards,
    Arnold aka Mr.Gadget

    Mr Gadget!!!
    Too bad didn’t manage to talk to you 🙁

    Let’s meet up in the next Nuffnang award!!

  13. hey dont be shy !!! put la your picture with your suit up there surely look leng zai wan XD !!! Anyways Good Job on your flawless blog it deserves a cheer !! Surely you’ll win next year Jia You

    Not leng zai lor..
    Looks weird XD in my opinion XD

  14. Congrats miao on being nominated.
    Your blog by far have the best design and reader friendly…
    You can win next year… 🙂

    Well thank you~~ ^^

  15. yes, would like to see your pic. Don’t know why but first thought was you were the one labelled ‘dunno who is this’.

    My first time dropping a comment here but I really enjoy your blog and drawings. Yourself as Miao is cute, a bit confused as to who is Wafu & Pafu though as I’ve only recently chanced upon your site.

    Saying hello from Singapore …… hope you’ve enjoyed your trip here. Cheers.

    Wahaha I am the one labeled “don’t know who is this” XD
    Do read on then you will know who is wafu and who is pafu ^^

    Btw, thanks for dropping by~~~
    And Singapore is a nice place to be!!!

  16. that looked like me… @.@

    And yes! You disappeared!!

    I think you want to kill me d T___T
    I still feel bad about it..

    The next day I disappeared again when going out with Yatz..
    I really need to stop disappearing like this >.<

  17. lol miao like chips more one… ‘now u see miao, now u don’t’ lol

    …miao look like ‘budak baik’ one in the pic… like want to go convo one hehehehe

    budak baik?

  18. hollishit…i didnt notice that was u standing beside yat bcoz i didnt know how u look like…but now the mistery has been reviewed!:P

    Hahaah some more me and Yatz them were chating back then XD
    hahaha I think not much people know how I look like 😛

  19. wat a grand event…everybody look so chio…including u with ur sleepy eyes pic..lolz ;p…congratulations!

    Hahaha yealo..
    I’m the un-chio 1 in there..

    Hahaha I dunno how to get rid of the sleepy eyes XD

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